Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Unusual Valentine's Day

While everyone else went out for a day out or dinner date with their special someone. I was on official business during the first half of the day. I covered an event at Dasmarinas, Cavite..but I did it with the boyfriend :)

The afternoon before heart's day, my boss told me that I'd be covering an event in the morning.  I was really problematic because I knew I still have to work in the afternoon and it would be a really tiring day.  As much as I wanted to say NO to my boss.. I guess I had no other choice but to do so :P I shared that to the boyfriend and he volunteered to come with me. Okay, so problem solved! I didn't have to drive on my own or commute from our house to the location. 

By around 8:30 the next day, February 14, the boyfriend went to our house to fetch me.  No roses, no chocolates, no whatsoever.  He only brought himself. We exchange greetings and he said, "hindi pa ko nakakabili ng flowers".  Inunahan na ko :))

We were able to reach the location minutes before 9:30.  As the photographer, the only thing I did was to walk a lot and follow the VIPs. And the boyfriend? He was beside me all throughout the time I'm taking photos. 

I might not have received the flowers on time, but he promised me though, utang nya pa daw.  I won't deny I felt envious of other. hehehehe, but I guess I have to be thankful that the boyfriend woke up early on that day and exerted effort to be my 'personal alalay'.  

Before I went to work in the afternoon, I asked him, "Is this how we celebrate Valentine's Day?" He answered "Yes!". 



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