Monday, August 16, 2010

I'll See You AGAIN Tagaytay!

I'm excited for the Tagaytay trip tomorrow with my former colleague slash friend. I've been planning to go to Tagaytay alone since last week to have a so-called "alone time" and to have some "release". I just don't want to remember all the negative moments that happened last week. I want to get away all the negative forces.

Anyway, last Saturday, I've spent hours surfing the world wide web to check nice hang out places at Tagaytay. I've been there so many times but I haven't memorized all the places within the city.  My friend and I want a place that will offer a nice view or background for our little photo op since she'll be going back to her province and will be out of Manila for a month or so. Having checked some sites, Cliffhouse offers a nice view, though it has a 100 peso-parking fee,blogs and sites mentioned that it would be waived if you present a receipt from any of the resto within that place. We'll see! hehe. I'm going to blog about the trip after tomorrow!



Mariel on 9:23 PM said...

I went to Tagaytay yesterday and saw the Cliffhouse. It does look nice plus the location is perfect. Enjoy your trip, sis! :)

jO_AnNe on 2:39 PM said...

Thank you sis!
It was super fun.
The view at Cliffhouse was awesome! :)

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