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Approximately 23 Kilometers Away from Home

I mentioned in my previous post that my friend and I planned to go to Tagaytay. I've been there many times but I'd always want to come back. There's something in Tagaytay that made me fall in love over and over everytime I set foot on the said city - maybe the cool breeze that sets a romantic mood or the overlooking image of the smallest volcano in the world, I could not say which of the two was the main reason. Either or, it wouldn't set a problem, as long as I enjoy the place. 

Before I share some photos from the trip,I wanted to give a short history of Tagaytay. I never posted facts about the place in my previous post. According to :

Legend has it that the word “Tagaytay” came from “TAGA” meaning “to cut” and “ITAY” which means “Father”. A father and son were said to be on a wild boar hunt when the animal they were chasing turned and attacked them. As the boar charged towards the old man, the son cried “TAGA- ITAY”. The boy’s repeated shouts reverberated in the valleys of the ridge. Heard by the residents, hunters and wood gatherers, the cries became the subject of conversation for several days among the people in the countryside. In time, the place where the shouts came from became known as TAGAYTAY.
Even though I hate the Cavite traffic, in a way, I'm thankful I live 3 towns away from Tagaytay. Last Tuesday, I was able to get to our first destination in less than an hour, but I bet, my dad and my other friends could beat that time (driving only 80-90 km/h at Aguinaldo highway).

Our First stop: Summit Ridge 

Summit Ridge Hotel 

The place was owned by Robinsons Land Corporation. The photo above was the hotel and beside it was an open air commercial center with: a number of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from, a supermarket, appliance store, shops and bank.

My friend and I arrived minutes before 1 p.m., still on time for lunch. We ate at Shakey', ordered bunch of lunch and later on had our dessert at Razon's. 

Second Stop: Pink Sisters Chapel and Convent

The Pink Sisters Chapel 

Also one of the famous landmarks when you're traveling at Tagaytay.
My friends and I would always include this in our 'itinerary' during the Holy Week.  At first, I was hesitant to go straight and park at the space but I saw a car at the back and at that moment,I was sure, it was really open for everyone during off peak season. 

Since it was just an ordinary Tuesday and the week had just started, the place was not jam packed. It was a good thing because you would get to pray more seriously because silence was around the place, not like when all the people were all over the place to do Stations of the Cross. 

You could also drop your petition letters and the nuns would be praying for you. Go to the leftmost side of the chapel. If ever you haven't written any letter, don't worry, papers and pens were provided.

Third Stop: Tierra de Maria 

50 ft Virgin Mary
 Two years ago, when I went to Glorietta, I was able to pass by an image of Virgin Mary. I wrote my petition and prayed. I got a flyer with a Make a W.I.S.H. and expect miracle to happen message at the top. A website was mentioned in the flyer and  I visited it, there, I found out about the gigantic image of Mama Mary at Tagaytay. I wanted to go to the place but never got the chance. 

Finally, last Tuesday,I was able to see the place in person. At first, I didn't know the exact location, I knew it was on the right side if you're coming from Rotonda. My friend and I were looking at every church/chapel we passed by, I said, " I know, you wouldn't miss it because of the huge image of Mama Mary". It was just across Development Academy of the Philippines, and just near Picnic Grove. 

Stations of the Cross will welcome you
Before going inside, you could stop on the wishing well and drop your coin. You could also offer a candle or candles for your petitions. 

It was my first time to be at Tierra de Maria. I was awed by the place. I've been to chapels and churches but that was, for me, the most intimate. I was laughing at hyper the whole time I was driving and taking photos, but when I got inside, silence enveloped my system. I was observing the images. I was awed by everything the chapel offered me. Seriously, you would really feel the presence of God, not that you could not feel God's presence on other chapels and churches,  I felt like my heart was really touched everytime I hold the images. I knew at that very moment, I was talking to God and God was telling me to leave my worries behind and say what I wanted to say.  There's another corner inside that caught my attention, another prayer corner with lots of rosaries hanging. 

On our way out, my friend and I got a bible scripture:
 The message I got was very timely:

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. - Matthew 11:28

We also went upstairs and visited every floor.
You'd see the liturgical calendar on the second floor. It was educational and had some facts on every date and it was also a form of "special fund raising". You could put your names on your birth date provided you'd donate a certain amount of money which I failed to remember.

At the third floor, you could hold the hand of the 50 ft Mama Mary. Go straight and you'd also have a nice view of the Taal Volcano.

Hold her hand and make a WISH

 If you want some alone time or a place where you wanted to release all your stress and worries,I suggest you visit Tierra de Maria and have some moments with God. 

Fourth Stop: Mushroom Burger

It was my first time to have a taste of Mushroom Burger. We just bought burgers because we still have one more place to visit. Mom advised me to go home early because she was thinking of my safety, I just want to be an obedient daughter so there would be a next time for road trips :p 

Wishing well again :)
Mushroom burger was located near Casino Filipino and Taal Vista. You'd pass by those two first. Reviews said it was hard to park at Mushroom burger during weekends and peak seasons. 

Aside from the burgers,they also have other dishes at a very affordable price.

Fifth Stop: Cliffhouse 

 Now,I understand why this place had a parking fee of 100 Php - because of the romantic  scenery! 
The fee would be waived if you present a validation from any of the restaurants inside. 

If you want an Italian brunch, go to Buon Giorno. 

Craving for crepes? Have a stop at Cafe Breton. 

If you want to feel the cold breeze more, take your pick, either you buy an ice cream at Fruits in Ice Cream or have a Fling. 

Other restaurants would include Fire Lake Grill,Domicillo and Platito

After I parked the van, my friend and I had our pictures first. We could not resist the beauty of the view. If I have a boyfriend, I'd tell him we spend time at Cliffhouse. We'd sit on the white benches facing the taal lake, I'd lay my head on his shoulders while we hold hands and talk of our priorities, future plans, dreams,etc. OOOokay, enough for the imagination. haha. 

Anyway, my friend and I had a Fling for 85 pesos. :P

It's been months since I had a taste of frozen yogurt and I missed it. The craving was satisfied last Tuesday and with a bonus of course - a great ambiance.

The trip was only half day, started driving by 12 noon and by 6:00 pm we're on our way back home, but it was really worth it! By the way, before I end this post, for you travelers out there, buy boxes of Amira's Tart as your pasalubong.

I hope I was able to bring Tagaytay to you! :) 



Mariel on 3:57 PM said...

This is such an informative post, sis! I haven't visited the Cliffhouse yet, and your post convinced me to go there. Glad you had fun, sis!

jO_AnNe on 10:54 AM said...

Thank You sis! :)
Cliffhouse will be a good place to bring someone special.hehe

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