Saturday, May 24, 2014

What's Up!

You don't get everything you want at the same time because life is not meant to be that way.

I've been with my present company for almost 10 months. I've traveled to a few countries and visited a few places I never thought I would.  Living a life in a suitcase means being away with my family, "special someone", friends and other relatives most of the time, but I am grateful for my job.

I wanted this. I wanted a job that will allow me to roam and wander.  I wanted a job that would make me see the world and appreciate every single piece of it.  Let me share with you some places I've been after my flight to Amsterdam (which I already shared in my previous blog entry):

Rome, Italy

I've flown to Rome twice in February.  I appreciate every single landmark they have, even the ruins were pleasing to the eyes.  I couldn't help but think of my Literature subjects back in high school and college. I loved their gelato which was not only tasty but very cheap as well. Pizza and pasta would only cost you around 10 euros!

My tip: Do not forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain. It might be some kind of a myth but you wouldn't lose anything if you follow.

What I look forward on this destination: The Vatican! I haven't been in there because I didn't have much time.

Zurich, Switzerland

One of the wealthiest places not only in Europe but, worldwide -Zurich.  It's one of the expensive places I've been to.  The only thing I (together with the rest of the crews) did in the city (aside from sightseeing) was drink a cup of a heavenly hot chocolate at Sprüngli! I thought of Zurich as a serene place despite of numerous business in the city.

What I look forward to in this destination: Rent a bike in our hotel or visit Lucerne!

New York, United States of America

I was on "reserve" when I first set my foot in the concrete jungle.  Everything in Times Square was just so tempting but I was too good enough to resist temptation *winks*. Too many shops to look at with so little time, good thing that we stay in the heart of this city that never sleeps.

You have everything around - shops, restaurants and etc. Name it and the Big Apple has it.

What I look forward to in this destination: A lot! A visit to Liberty Island, a walk at Central Park, and of course SALE to name a few!



Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Jo. Are you working for Emirates or FlyDubai? I wish you can answer my question, kasi I am an Emirates aspirant. Is it true that they are freeze hiring Filipinos? And where did you attend an Open Day/Assessment Day? Did you do it abroad?Thanks!

Joanne Camet on 11:39 PM said...

Hi! As of the moment, Emirates do not hire Filipinos (or should I say Philippine Passport holders) for the cabin crew position

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a Filipino, currently residing in Saudi Arabia. There will be an Open Day in Bahrain and I am planning to attend. Will it be a waste to go there? As you said, Emirates are not hiring Philippine passport holder now. :(

Joanne Camet on 2:55 AM said...

Hello, as of to date, I haven't heard any news that they hired Filipino Passport holders for the cabin crew position.

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