Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cabin Crew Related FAQs

For those who left their comments here and are still left unanswered, I decided to make this entry as a summary of the things you asked.  Before anything else, I just want to clear that I am just speaking based on my personal opinion and experience and other people's experience. (Questions in bold face, my answer in italic)

 Q. I really dream to become a flight attendant, I think I'm good in English naman since I'm an Online English Tutor. the problem is I'm married and from what I know wala atang tumatanggap sa mga married. may chance kaya ako to apply? (any advice?) Thank you
A. There are airline companies that still accept married applicants. They will indicate it in their job post.

Q. My father kc is working in qatar airways,he assined in technical base,it doesnt matter po ba if i will apply as FA in qatar airways dn?,because were related? and 2nd question q po,ung full body picture po na dpat iinclude sa resume anu po dpat iwear q na attire nun?same po ba pag ng OD? and about po sa i really need to remove it ba tlga pag ngpapicture n po ako ng passport size? and lastly po i have some pimple marks po kc on my face..hndi kya nila mahalata un pg gumamit aq ng concealer to hide it?... your anser really appreciated!tnx po..and Godbless! 
A. I think it will be okay if you and your father will work for the same company but to be sure better ask him if Qatar Airways really allow it since he's there and he knows for sure if it's allowed or not. Second, for wholebody photo, you should be in Corporate Attire and in full make up. Braces I believe are not allowed during application. Third, re pimple marks, conceal them. Conceal any blemishes. 

Q. I have an impact interview scheduled at PAl in 2 days and i'm nervous because i dont really know of what to expect. i stand at 5'3" and weigh 130lbs. i am a nursing graduate, light and clear complexion, i think i have a good set of teeth naman, although one of my lower front tooth is a bit slanted but is not noticeable when i smile. what do u think are my chances?
A. Your chances will depend on what kind of impression you will give them on your interview. NO ONE needs to be Little Miss Perfect by having really divine looks and a body to die for. Be natural. Be confident but do not overdo it. Relax during the interview and do not think that everyone in that room is your competitor :)

Q. Teeth Concerns - not having a complete set of teeth

A. Everyone, Sorry but I cannot comment on this. This is beyond what I know already. I haven't spoken to anyone who was scrutinized by not having a complete set of teeth. My only tip for you: Just try. It's the only way to find out.

For any more question(s) or comments, my email address is indicated on the right side of this blog, (about me section). If I do not reply, it means I haven't read your question.  Thank you and God Speed!



Anonymous said...

I'm still in college and i want to be a FA someday. Does height really matters to be a flight attendant i'm just 5'1 but still hoping to grow =) Thankyou.

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