Saturday, October 05, 2013

Weekend at Manchester

In the Middle East, our, or should I say, "their" weekends are Friday and Saturday but for the other parts of the world including my home country, weekends mean Saturdays and Sundays.

Whenever I think of weekends, I would see a picture of people crowding in the city center - doing grocery shopping, window shopping, literally shopping and etc. Those thoughts were true when I operated a flight to Manchester. It was my first time to be there and I was lucky to have flown with other 'first timer' crews who also wanted to go around and bring something home to Dubai. 

Through the help of the hotel's concierge, we booked a taxi going to the city center.  Sight seeing was in my mind but not as much as mini grocery shopping.  Doing food shopping in Dubai was quite costly compared to doing it on my layovers. In the United Kingdom, there were plenty of shops that sell reasonable prices of goods and I would not keep my eyes closed on that. 

Before I dwell much on what I found in Manchester, let me share with you some sights of the city center:

random building

the largest Primark

Hot Dog anyone? 

I, together with some crews did not go so much around the city. We just planned on going to a few shops, ate hot dog sandwich and shop for what we wanted. Not much time for window shopping :P With the help of a Korean crew, I've been introduced to Poundland - where everything cost a pound. I bought a few food items there and my purse was still happy haha. I paid 5 pounds for 5 items - not bad at all. I could have spend more (converted to dirhams) if I buy those items in Dubai.

I must say, my layover at Manchester was a weekend well spent. Aside from setting foot to a new place and seeing some English buildings; getting along with crews coming from different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures were the two things I like about my layovers. 

I felt blessed getting this kind of job. Not all would be pleased of what I am doing but for me, no matter how simple or complex your job was, it wouldn't matter at all as long as your job makes you happy. 



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