Saturday, September 14, 2013

Walkathon at Melbourne

It's my thing to check the weather before my flight so I know what to pack in my suitcase. Since it's in the forecast that it will be cold in the land down under, I made sure I packed a jacket and coat to keep me warm while getting around the place. 

I welcomed the month of September with a multiple sector flight - this means I will be away from the sandpit for 5 days and finally get back on the 6th day.  I was excited to operate that flight since I will be flying with my batchmate - this means we can easily tag along each other and explore what Melbourne can offer us .

It was a long flight to the land down under. We arrived there early morning of Monday and decided to take a few hours of sleep before setting our system into TOURIST MODE ON.

Across our hotel was a park and a known landmark there which is the Cricket Ground:

Yarra Park

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Closer look at the Cricket Ground
Melbourne Cricket Ground was said to be the 10th largest stadium in the world and the largest in Australia. It's the home of Melbourne Cricket Club. This stadium was the venue of the 2006 Commonwealth Games. This was also used in the 1956 Olympic Games.

The city centre/central city (of Victoria) is walking distance from the cricket ground. There we found some more landmarks like the Flinders Street Station, St. Paul's Cathedral and a lot of shops and restaurants along Swanson Street.

St. Paul's Cathedral, an Anglican Church located diagonally opposite Flinders Street Station

Shuttle for Melbourne visitors! Visit: for prices and other info
Flinders Street Station (serving the entire rail network of the metropolis)
 My batchmate and I were looking for St. Patrick's Cathedral which caught our eyes on our way to the hotel (passed by via our shuttle). We believed the way was on the other side of the city that's why we decided to visit it on our second day at Melbourne. 

Sharing some more Melbourne photos (taken on our second day):

Rainy Melbourne! Good thing it was sunny on our first day

I remember I was confused if this was a university or a theatre (someone correct me please *winks*)

Oooh Lala! Pinas! They have that signage on a tram

Finally, a photo of St. Patrick's Cathedral (Catholic Archdiocese) 


St. Patrick's Cathedral (located near the city) has a great architecture. I was awed by how it was designed when I saw it. According to the cathedral's website (

St Patrick’s is regarded internationally as the finest ecclesiastical building in Australia and a pre-eminent example of the Gothic Revival style. The austere facade gives little hint of the glorious interior with its ethereal golden light of mesmerising beauty.
On our way back to the hotel, we passed by Fitzroy Gardens (named after Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy):

The park was well-taken care of. There was a shop in the middle of it and the doodled-tiles on its entrance (near the city) was hard to ignore.

I liked how we were lodging at an area near the center where there were plenty of shops and restaurants as I would prefer eating outside the hotel since it will help me discover more than the hotel foods can offer. Not to mention it would be cheaper eating out than opting for hotel foods. There were also cheap finds along Swanson Street. I bought a long jacket (enough to keep me warm on cold weather) for 17 AUD. A friend also told me there was a Cotton On outlet store in the city. Too bad I didn't see it. Hopefully on my next flight to MEL :)



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