Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello Sandpit!

I'm back! That's my one liner after getting into more than a month hiatus.

From this post onward, you may have an idea why I am missing on action in the blogging world. 

My apologies for all the late replies on your queries. If you're in need of an urgent answer to your concern, do not hesitate to send me an email and I will try my best to answer them in the quickest possible time and with the best answer that I can give :)

I've kept mum about this, but I don't have any intention to keep this forever - I already left the Philippines to live a life in the SANDPIT. I arrived here on a RAMADAN and everyone really followed the customs and traditions. There's respect anywhere.

I've been here for a month already and I have a simple thought on being here: "Independent life. IT IS! So far so good. I am learning a lot everyday."

I've been to some malls here and have seen a few landmarks closely and even from afar. Certainly, I am looking forward to discover more of the amazing landmarks in this place. 

Let me share with you some of the photos I had that are staying in my folders for more than a month (they may not be a set of good shots hehe):

Burj Khalifa! Better to capture this at night

A sight inside Dubai Mall

Largest Aquarium! Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Jumeirah Mosque. Picture taken during a mosque tour c/o our company.

COSMOPOLITAN. That's one thing I will say about this country I'm living in right now. The place is so clean and organized and a lot of buildings will give you a "wow" factor once you've seen them. Getting into some malls will never be a problem because the metro will take you right in front of the destination of your choice except for Dubai Mall wherein you have to patiently walk like the whole Ayala Avenue before getting inside.

Mall of Emirates has a great interior but if you're looking for more affordable shops, I will opt to visit Ibn Battuta (where each section of the mall has a theme: Persian, Indian, Chinese, etc) or Deira City Center. Deira City Center is more convenient with me since it's the nearest mall to where I am staying ( less than 5 Dirhams less on my NOL card balance for a roundtrip fare) and it seems to be a one stop shop for me. Add to that, there are cheap finds around the area where you can buy your necessities with less than 5 dirhams  (insert name of Day to Day and Greenhouse). 

GETTING AROUND BY TRAIN/METRO: Buy a NOL card for 20 dirhams (reloadable).
TAXI: A min of 10 dirhams (regardless how near your destination is)
BUS: There are a lot. They have schedules and I am not yet sure. Mode of payment is your NOL card.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Are you with Emirates na? Pls continue sharing your travel experiences. I love reading them.

Joanne Camet on 1:54 PM said...

I will. Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Sis do u work as CSA in emirates? One of my frnds are working dr too. How was d job?was n mahirap? Hope to get a repky from u.

Joanne Camet on 3:24 PM said...

Hi Anonymous, yes I do. What's your friend's name? :) The job? It's easy sis and you always have the extra energy to go out on a layover. The only challenge for me is how you adjust on different time zones especially when you get Australia flights.

Anonymous said...

Hi sis her name is kristine. She's from batangas. Hope u could also share your experiences and how did u get through in becoming csa. I love reading ur blog very inspiring!♥

Anonymous said...

How did you apply for emirates? I mean did you go there just to get interviewed, physically examined etc. Or did you do all the process in the ph then flew in the middle east for training? Thanks!

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