Saturday, September 28, 2013


I believe a lot of people wanted to see the Eiffel Tower (including me). For me, it became the trademark of Paris along with all other sites like the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame Cathedral. I would always include the picture of Eiffel Tower in my inspirational boards which I eventually used as an ipad wallpaper.

I never thought I would see the City of Love and Lights on my first month at work. I felt really excited from the very moment I saw my roster.  I guess you attract what you think most of the time so believe in the power of your thoughts combined with your feelings. Just like what it says in The Secret "Thoughts become things".

It was on the 9th of September that I flew to CDG (Charles De Gaulle Airport or Aéroport Paris–Charles de Gaull or just Roissy Airport). We had an evening arrival so it would be favorable to me that I have a large part of the day (the next day) to do sightseeing. I was lucky that there were other crews who planned to do the same so I would not be alone then. Instead of taking the hotel shuttle to the city (which would start later part of the day), we asked the concierge to book a taxi for us for the next day. 

If I would be alone, I am unsure whether I could manage to ride the train to the city but I guess if I could muster all the courage and ask for directions from the hotel's concierge, soul searching in the city would be possible *lol*

On the next day, I, together with five other crews started our trip to the city at 9:00 AM. Three (including me) planned to just do sightseeing while the other three would shop at Champs Elysees and Lafayette.

Let me share with you some photos of the landmarks I've seen and visited in Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower

2. Arc De Triomphe

3. Pont Alexandre III

4. The Louvre

5. Avenue des Champs Elysees

How we got around Paris? We walked! We didn't choose to get a day pass (for the train, which I think costs around 22 Euro) so we walked from one landmark to another. A day pass would be ideal if you don't have patience to walk around the city. For me, I didn't care if I get tired. It was my first time in Paris and I appreciated everything I saw along the way.

What to wear? Take some time to research about the weather. When we got there, it was sunny but in the middle of our sight seeing, rain started to fall and eventually, sun showed up again when we were about to end our activity. I believe it would be best if you bring a folded umbrella with you, in case there would be a little possibility of rain. You wouldn't want the weather to spoil your sight seeing right?

I have yet to see some more landmarks like Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur. Fingers crossed for another flight to CDG :)



Dinx on 8:21 AM said...

congrats Joan! :) Dreams Do Come True, and your blog and life story is the perfect example. I used to work for EK, and I miss the travels.

Enjoy your layovers :) I wasn't able to go to Paris on my short stay with them, but I will go one day :) As you said, Thoughts Become Things

enjoy your job and always be grateful. Tc always

Joanne Camet on 1:51 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joanne Camet on 1:52 PM said...

Thank you Dinx :)

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