Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cabin Crew FAQs Part 2

1. What to wear during application/initial interview/cv submission?

BOTTOMLINE: Be in corporate attire.
For girls, wear a knee-length skirt, blouse, corporate blazer and closed shoes.
Stockings may or may not be allowed. You may check on the job advertisement or call the agency to check whether you have to wear stockings or not.
Be in your day make-up and make sure your hair is pulled away from your face :)

For boys, slacks, polo (with tie), corporate blazer and shoes.

2. Where and how to apply?

a. ) Once in a while, Cebu Pacific holds this 1 Day Recruitment or Grand Recruitment Campaign on a hotel around the metro. The last time I checked, they will be having a Grand Recruitment on July 12 (that's tomorrow folks!) at  the 4th Floor of Crowne Plaza Galleria from 9 am to 3 pm.

They also hold screenings at the training center near Salem and Old Domestic Airport/Terminal 4 so watch out for the schedule.

b.) For Pal Express (former Air Philippines), visit their website at

c.) If you want to be part of the flag carrier, you can check:

d.) If you're aiming to fly the international skies, I suggest you visit from time to time. Different agencies do post cabin crew opportunities there.

3. Physical Screening/Requirements

I've been receiving questions regarding teeth, skin, body built, scar, height, weight and anything concerning physical attributes. Readers, Airline A's standard maybe different from Airline B's. Do not fret if you don't think you're not perfect. Nobody is perfect right?

Being a cabin crew does not mean you have to look like a beauty queen or an "artista". Work on the things that you believe may count as your flaw. If you have a scar, don't think it's the end of the world and you don't have a chance, try concealing it. If you're worried about your weight, check if it's proportionate to your height. Although sometimes, being overweight or underweight does not matter. I've heard success stories of people who became cabin crews even if they're underweight ;) But if you can maintain a proportionate weight to your height, then, the less you will worry right? :)

Readers, the key here is to TRY. Do not be afraid to try. If you're not successful it does not make you less of a person. There are unlimited chances as long as you will not stop so instead of thinking "papasa kaya ako o pwede kaya ako kahit ganito..", prepare yourself and don't lose any chance. You will only know the answer or answer to your question or questions once you tried :)

If you have other question(s), do not hesitate to send me an email. My email address is found at the right side of this page under the ABOUT ME portion.

Many thanks and Goodluck All!



Anonymous said...

grabe I was following your blog back in 2009 and youre still not an FA?! I have moved on already sis.. youre not getting younger din. not to step on your dreams since it was my dream too, maybe you should think realistically. sometimes other people get it, some don't and some who don't have actually more purpose in life rather than just being an FA. dont waste your skills and talents! i think youre too smart to just be an FA. why not be a unicef ambassador or something ~ you still get to travel and help people.

all im saying is, fighting to be an FA is not worth it. you'll end up losing sight of everything beautiful thats passing you by just because you have a tunnel vision on being an FA.

Joanne Camet on 3:23 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joanne Camet on 3:25 PM said...

Dear Anonymous,

First, thank you for your comment and for saying that you think I am smart enough to be just an FA.

Yes, I started trying since 2009 and thank you for following.While it's true that I started trying since 2009, hindi naman consistent ang pag-aapply ko. For one whole year I consistently applied but the following years, hindi na since naging busy din ako last company I've worked in the Philippines. After a year of consistently applying pero walang nangyayari, I've had some lateral transfers in the last company na pinagtrabahuhan ko for the past 2 years and 4 months. I became realistic though, hindi naman ako naging focused lang sa dream of becoming an FA. I also grabbed every opportunity that was offered to me :)

Sometimes, fighting to be one doesn't necessarily mean giving your full focus on one thing only. You may still try while taking all the opportunities that may come your way.

I respect your choice if you think fighting to be an FA is not worth it. Some people think the same as yours while some will also think that fighting to be an FA is worth it.

Again, thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. Good luck to your chosen path :)

Being an FA is not about serving coffee or tea or giving your meal of choice, they are also concerned of everyone's safety.

Anonymous said...

Bakit may bitter? haha hope to see you in SIN te! :) -;)

Joanne Camet on 7:47 PM said...

Hope to see you in SIN :)

Anonymous said...

How about applicants with existing varicose veins, do they automatically disqualify upon assessment?

Joanne Camet on 3:43 PM said...

Hello Anonymous, I'm not sure about varicose veins, probably as long as it is not severe. I suggest that you try because if they like you from the very beginning, no single imperfection can disqualify you.

Rai Paino on 10:26 PM said...

Hi I am a graduating student and I'm looking forward what company should I apply tho. I have many options about companies I wanted to apply. What do you think is a better month ? Is it better if I apply before my graduation on April or after my graduation? Thank you..

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