Monday, June 17, 2013

What I've Learned from "Waiting"

WAITING - Noun The action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens (Source: free

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One way or another, we are all waiting for someone or something  to arrive or materialize. We may be waiting for someone - right person whom God wants us to spend the rest of our life with; right person to help us solve our problem(s); right person who can understand us in all our shortcomings. We may be waiting for something -tasks to be done, goals to complete or it can be our dreams turning into reality.

Sometimes, things and events got so ironic - the more you wait, the more you don't get it prompting you to say that life is so unfair. Other people get what you want without them waiting or asking for it. Indeed, life can be so unfair sometimes so we can learn from all the times we have been tested.

If you've been following or reading my blog entries, you will surely have an idea what is this thing I've been waiting for to materialize. I've been chasing it for years and I must admit, things are never easy. In this entry, I will be sharing with you the lessons I learned from this word called WAITING.

1. Never forget to pray
- Pray that God gives you more patience. Your faith in Him is being tested too. When you wait for something, you don't know how long you will wait for don't know if is will be given to you or not. Everything is uncertain when you wait, but when you know how to trust in Him, you need not worry.

2. Be Patient and Stay Positive
- The test of faith is also the test of our patience.  Sometimes, we tend to stop because we no longer want to wait more.  We get better things if we only know how to be patient.

Ignore all the negativity around your system and focus only on the positive sides of each downfall. Remember that at times, we need to stumble in order to learn and grow. Even the best fall down sometimes as they say, right?

3. Hustle while waiting
- I got this line from the Joshua Harris'  I Kissed Dating Goodbye. In Joshua's book, it means that while the right person is yet to come, we have to do things that are pleasing to the eyes of God, in this, we will be prepared when the right time (and the right person) comes.

If for an instance, we're waiting for our dreams to materialize, making the most out of what God has given us in the present will make us ready (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) when the dream we've been longing for finally arrives.

Waiting is never and will never be easy. You will doubt many times along the way. You will raise the white flag in the middle of the game. If you really want something to happen, then, your mind and heart will work together to make you more determined in reaching that goal you have.



Anonymous said...

True. exactly what I feel right now ate. 2012 pa ko graduate pero til now dpa rin ako RN. and sabe nga po try lang ng try and plmay perfect timing daw. and FA dreamer din po ako tulad mo :D ang ganda talaga ng blog mo ;) Nagmsg na po ko sayo dati sa yahoo :) ♥G.M.

Joanne Camet on 1:03 PM said...

Hello! Thank you! :) That's true! try and try. Wag susuko. Malay mo maging RN ka muna bago maging FA. Never give up. Don't let any single opportunity to pass by. Kapag alam mong ready ka naman, try lang. Sometimes it's okay to stop for a while pero wag pa rin susuko. Anong full name mo nung nag message ka? :)

♥ J ♥ on 4:21 PM said...

I've read your blog last year. I also wrote down on my blog the experience I had when I was applying. I am still waiting. Sometime I ask myself is this really worth it? I am not from manila so I fly to go to manila everytime I see an Open Day Recruitment. I was rejected 7 times. Right now I still want it. and after reading your post, it made me feel closer to that dream. I do hope it will be given to me too. congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you...and I would like to add, if I may... that our attitude while waiting also matters^^*

I like your blog, btw. This is what you call "personal" blog.
Keep blogging and God bless you^^*

Joanne Camet on 2:59 PM said...

@J: Hi sis! Thank you. Just go and try whenever you feel like you're ready and whenever you have the chance :)

@Seongyosa: I agree with you! Thanks :)

Berlie Faith Descargar Bansag on 3:46 AM said...

Hello sis, Im an aspiring IFA too and as much as I wanted to pursue that dream I do have lots of fears too. But borrowing from Paulo Coelho's words " that the secret in life is to fall seven times and get up eight time." �� Never give up!!

Berlie Faith Descargar Bansag on 3:51 AM said...

Hello sis Im an aspiring IFA too and as much as I wanted to pursue that dream I do have lots of fears too. But borrowing from Paulo Coelho's inspiring words that the secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and get up eight time. Hope that inspires you too. God bless us! ����

Joanne Camet on 2:12 PM said...

Hi Sis!

True that! Most of the time we don't really get what we want. Sometimes we really need to deal with struggles before getting into the things that will make us happy. Fears won't let us see a bigger picture so don't let it get into you. It's only in failure that we learn to appreciate simple things as well.

loyi on 5:42 PM said...

Waiting is never a waste of time. The more pain you have to endure on your journey, the sweeter it is when you arrive at your destination! I'm one aspiring fa also. Never give up. You're such an inspiration Joanne! Nice one. Thanks! �� you share your blessings through your blog. ������

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Joanne! Thank you for being an inspiration. Your blog has been really really helpful �� btw, Im an applicant for EK as CSA, Im done with my FI last Jul 14 & last 28 Jul my online status changed into IC until now im still waiting for another status change (hoping for the positive). I would like to ask, how long did you wait for your GC? if its okay can you share your timeline? ��thank you! All the best! Im looking forward to see you in emirates! �� God Bless! ��✈✈✈

Joanne Camet on 5:20 AM said...

Hi sis! Did you make it? Say hi when you see me! :)

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