Saturday, June 01, 2013

PASAPORTE in 1 Hour and 30 Minutes

My passport is expiring later this year, and to avoid hassle, I decided to renew it 6 months before it expires. I asked my friend who works at the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding the procedure and she asked me to visit the website: .   Here, you can set an appointment and check all the needed requirements for your passport renewal and as well as when applying for a new passport.

Later part of April, I set an appointment at DFA-Aseana (this is the one along Macapagal Boulevard) for May 4, 2013. I just clicked the link SET AN APPOINTMENT, which you can find at the lower part of the website.  You can either choose individual appointment or family appointment. In my case, I have chosen family appointment since my mom will also be renewing hers. The link will lead you to filling up the needed information such as your personal details, passport details, and as well as whether you would like your passport to be delivered and where should it be delivered. You will then receive an email after setting your online appointment.  Follow all the instructions mentioned in the email and go to the DFA office as scheduled

On the day of our appointment, we waited for some 20 to 30 minutes at the benches found outside the building before we were allowed to go inside and waited for another 30 minutes. After an  (close to) hour of waiting, we transferred to another part of the building to have our documents checked, a receipt will also be issued on that step.  The payment will be made at the second floor and that will be followed by the picture taking and data verification. After that, you will then have to pay for the delivery fee of  P 120 should you wish to have your passport delivered to your address. 

We just spent an hour and 30 minutes inside the DFA-Aseana office for our passport renewal.  I didn't expect that I will not get bored while waiting for our turn.  I hope all the government offices will improve their existing procedures to make every transaction easier for everyone.  


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