Saturday, May 11, 2013

The month that was

The fourth month had been a busy month for me that I didn't find a time to post even a single entry. Now, all the the thoughts that I've had for the past month were all kept in my system's journal called

I started the fourth month making list of the 25 things I want to do in line with my tweenyfifth (lol) birthday and being busy with office work.

At work, I'm in-charge of the recruitment, I've been part of it since September 2012 and I would say that I have this love-hate relationship with it.  Love in the sense that you get to talk to a lot of people, knowing their stories of struggle and success; improving your own skills as the course of interviewing goes, and so on. Hate in the sense that at some point you have to eliminate those who wouldn't fit on the job description and when the applicant follows-up you don't know how to say how regretful you are for the not so good news you had to say to him or her. I've been an applicant not just once, but many times, especially with the career I wanted to pursue years back. I know how sad it would feel to be rejected after so much effort you exerted. At the same time, as a recruiter, as much as you do not want to reject, it's your job to do otherwise to shorten the number of applicants.

I  consider my present work a blessing no matter how tired it would be or that maybe. I became more mature now and became more open minded. I still have the hear for the career and the industry I wanted to pursue. Hopefully, the waiting game would be over soon and things would start to materialize. 



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