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Featuring: ENVIROPOP

Enviropop’s ModernEnviropedia 
By:Rhea Del Coro 

Do you still remember the time when people go to libraries? The main reason why a person goes to the library is because of an important book.Those were the days when we used to borrow bulk of books or do our intensive researches.

One of the printed materials that we often use as a reference and source of information is the encyclopedia. It is the central root of comprehensive information that answers most questions asked by various individuals.

The recent released game application of Applabs Digital Studios Inc. (ADSI) and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-PH), reminds us of the classic encyclopedia that we used to read back to the days when books are made of paper.

Enviropop contain marine life facts that educate people about the unfamiliar sea creatures. It comes in Lite and Full Version where users can learn new information while enjoying the puzzle game that features several underwater characters.

Get to know more of Bobby the Butanding, Dolly the Dolphin, Gary the Grouper, Clara the Clownfish, Pattie the Pawikan, Doogie the Dugong, and even Chi-chi the Panda as you read the Enviropedia.

Learn the toxic that are infiltrating the seas as well such as Trawl Net, Cyanide, Pet Bottles, Dynamite, and Oil while trying to eliminate them when you play the game.

Please refer to Enviropedia to answer some of your marine life queries. But before that, download Enviropop now!


Rhea Del Coro is one of the Content Development Associates at Applabs Digital Studios Inc. She writes reviews for iOS and Android applications of different categories. Most of the topic that interests her are about education, environment, and Asian culture.

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