Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bohol's Simplicity (Part 2) : Getting a Countryside Tour Service

A few weeks prior to our flight to Tagbilaran (Bohol) we did some research on how we could tour around and visit some landmarks. Since we had plenty of time to make a research, I visited several travel blogs and forums around the world wide web to help me  with my concern.

I've encountered the name of Mr. RJ Intano of RJ Tours Bohol ( mobile # 09173245488) and read consistent good reviews about his countryside tour service. I sent a message to the mobile number indicated and I received a reply after a few minutes. We were quoted an amount of: 1,675 (per person rate) inclusive of  driving tour guide, rate of the vehicle  for the day,  entrance fees and fee for Loboc River Cruise lunch buffet.

The itinerary includes the following:

Blood Compact Shrine
Baclayon Church
Biggest Python in Captivity
Tarsier Encounter
Lunch, Rivercruise
Loboc River
Hanging Bridge
Man Made Forest
Butterfly Conservation Center
Chocolate Hills
Appronia Souvenir Shop
(there were some optional sites (Shiphaus) and activities (Zipline/Cable Car in Loboc; ATV Tour in Carmen) which were not included on the quoted amount. You can choose to add more places to visit and pay for the entrance fees)

It was really easy to deal with Mr. RJ Intano. My friend and I were not interested with Prony (the biggest Python in Captivity) so we asked Mr. Rj to exclude it on the itinerary. He also deducted a fee of 20 for that matter, so we ended up paying 1,655 each for the countryside tour.

My Tip:

DIY tour around Bohol won't be easy if you're planning to commute. The sites were afar from each other and the buses going around were following a schedule.

Get a service of someone who's offering a Countryside Tour. In our case, we made a good choice of getting the service of RJ Tours Bohol.



Joice on 12:30 PM said...

I'm planning a solo DIY Bohol trip in July. This post is helpful! Will definitely check out RJ Tours.


Joanne Camet on 1:18 PM said...

Hi Joice, RJ is very easy to deal with. Enjoy Bohol! :)

Desa Tayting on 2:17 PM said...

Hi Joanne! I'm planning a DIY solo trip to Bohol as well. Can you give me some advice on cheap accomodations and other tours? �� It will be my first time and I'm a bit scared haha

Desa Tayting on 2:18 PM said...

Hi Joanne! I'm also planning a DIY tour in bohol and I'm travelling solo. Can you give me tips about cheap accomodations and others for this travel? I'm scared because this is gonna be my first time haha

Joanne Camet on 3:05 AM said...

Hi Desa!

Where in Bohol do you want to stay? My friend and I stayed in Panglao and decided not to get a beachfront accommodation as it could be very pricey.

Alternatively, you could search for accommodations near the city center and ask the concierge (where you would be staying) if you can join group tours. Bohol was not easy to navigate on your own since the tourists spots were far from one another.

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