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Bohol's Simplicity (Part 1) : Alona Beach, Panglao Island

It was June 11 last year when my Edinburgh-based friend and I decided to book a ticket (via Cebu Pacific - Thanks to Cebu Pacific's all year round promo :P ) to Bohol - the land of Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. Guess what?! We used the ticket just this month! :P It was a 9-month-long waiting period, but it was definitely worth the long wait as we were able to research for the accommodation, tour, transfers and etc. 

My friend and I decided to stay at Panglao Island because she loves the beach. I, on the other hand was more on seeing a town's landmarks rather than staying at a beach but since I have never been to Bohol yet at that time, I wanted to experience the beach as well. 

A few weeks before our trip, we reserved one standard twin room at Cherry's @Home Too Inland Resort. It's a non-beachfront accommodation but it was located just along the main road, additionally, it's 5 minutes away from the beach. 

One standard twin room (with window) costs 1,650 per night. Price was reasonable, considering it comes with a free Continental breakfast. You could ask for an upgrade with an additional 80 pesos (not bad).  

It was March 3 (just last week) when we arrived at Tagbilaran Airport (around 10:00 am). We availed of the resort's transfer which costs 500/way for 2 persons. It was a sunny Sunday at Panglao Island, contrary to Manila's weather condition on that day. 

We were fortunate to check-in early because the room was vacant. We decided to settle first for a couple of hours before heading to the beach, have our lunch and walk at the sands. For our lunch, my friend and I wanted a beachfront ambiance, hence, we ate at Isis Bungalows which was famous for their Thai Cuisine.

Here's our view while we're having our lunch:

I ordered Pad Siew (200.00) while my friend chose Chicken with Lemon Grass (200.00) and steamed rice (20.00) . 

Food was good! Smell was appetizing and the serving was generous. One serving could be shared by 2 persons. At first, I thought the foods were pricey but when we saw the serving, we realized the price was reasonable.

We took a walk at the stretch of Alona Beach after our lunch. 

Boats near the shore

Amorita Resort right there on the cliff
Yours truly basking under the sun :P

Alona beach has white sands, although not as powdery as Boracay's.  In my opinion, if Alona Beach would be developed more, then it would attract more tourists. The boats need to have a certain spot where they could park so that people could enjoy the beach more.  

My friend and I decided to go back at Cherry's before taking a swim at the beach. We didn't really spend much time swimming, if I could estimate right, we just stayed there for an hour or two.  W

We went back at Cherry's to try their jacuzzi and pool. Afterwards, we changed clothes before going back at Alona beach to have our dinner.

We tried the famous Alona Burger. My friend and I decided to just share on a meal to give more room for the drinks later that night.

The bun was just right but because of all the ingredients, it made the burger looked heavy. The fries was perfectly paired with its mayo dip. 

We stopped at Trudis Place for one round of drinks before calling it a night.

Shirley Temple for 60.00

 The drinks were very affordable at Trudis, although my friend was not satisfied with her frozen margarita.  I guess those were not Trudis' specialty. 

Bohol countryside tour on the next post!



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