Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bohol's Simplicity: Enjoying a Cup of Coffee in the Heart of Alona

Since our day 1 at Alona, I already noticed this establishment that gave me a thought: 'baka mahal' because of its 'sosy-looking' exterior. I proved myself wrong when my friend and I were looking for a place to stay while having a cup of coffee.

Our search for a cup of coffee in the island was quite a challenge because there was no Starbucks and there were less establishments compared to Boracay. We passed by Karl's Coffee while looking for a place to stay but we found the prices too expensive. Karl's was just a kiosk, so there were no seats available.

My friend and I decided to go along the road and ended up going at Tarsier Botanika.

There was no price list when we got inside. We just asked the barista about the menu and the price. I ordered latte which was only priced at 110.00, They also have pastries that looked appetizing at a very affordable price (ranges from 40+ to 120+)

Aside from the coffee shop, Tarsier Botanika also sells imported goods, wine and etc.

We really loved the interior of the coffee shop.  They have this country-ish ambiance and we easily got cozy while waiting for our orders.

When our respective cups were served..TADAH! There was coffee art! We were able to appreciate the place more when we saw that. We didn't expect that it was part of their service since we got used to just enjoying our coffee served in cups with cover. Masarap ang coffee nila!

Readers, if you happened to stay or visit Alona Beach, take a short visit to Tarsier Botanika. It wasn't so hard to see as it was located along the road and they have a signage big enough for everyone to notice.

Tarsier Botanika Alona
Alona Beach Road, Panglao 



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