Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Hiatus is Over

A few months had passed since the last real blog entry.  I kept in silence because I could not find a free time to blog like I used to.

Change was really inevitable for the past few months. From being a web writer, I was transferred to the recruitment department of our company. It was quite a long story on how I got in there. I also started my online business, Kikay Konek.

Getting busy with work helped me divert my attention. If you would happen to read some of my blog entries, you would see posts bout my biggest dream of working up up and away from home. I used to be so active and very consistent in applications, but as they say "the only constant thing in this world is CHANGE". One year of focusing in just one thing was enough. Surely, exploring other opportunities didn't hurt me. It actually helped me to become more practical, and tougher than I used to be. I wouldn't deny that at times, I kept on having this feeling of being left out or just surrendering the white flag but my current work help me not to think so much of my failed applications. Every moment I try to give up, there was always something that would happen which would eventually convince me not to stop. Maybe, the best thing to do would be to live one day at a time and never lose focus on what I wanted to do. Who knows, luck might just be around the corner.



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