Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Not the Right Time: An Untold Story

Last March, I tried applying for a start-up airline for the cabin crew position. I sent my cv on their e-mail and a day after they advised me to go to their office for the initial interview and assessment. During the initial assessment, my weight and height were checked. I still have a big bruise on my right arm which I got on our trip to Boracay (nadulas kasi ako sa kwarto lol!) so I wore my sheer ¾ blouse. I admitted that I have a bruised arm and the interviewer said it would not be a problem. The interviewer was nice and I was so relaxed all throughout the interview. 

After a few days, I received an email from the airline inviting me for the final interview and exam. The exam was quite hard! Na-challenge ako! The interview came after the 2-hour exam. My height and weight were checked again. My legs were also checked and I was asked for a few times if I was wearing stockings or not. The interview was all about ME –my work experience and some personal stuff. She said that successful applicants would receive a call after Holy Week. 

Two weeks after Holy Week, I received a call from them saying that I qualify for the training. I was surprised as I didn’t expect anything anymore. But there was one problem, the position was urgent and if I’d pursue it, I have to resign immediately and it has to take effect immediately. I’ve been with our company for more than a year already and I’m very well aware that we have 30-day notice. Nevertheless, I still went to the airline’s office to talk to them and see if I could do something about my case. 

The next day after receiving the call, the airline’s owner talked to me and asked a few questions and after that I was briefed by the trainer to discuss some matters. She said that the training would be urgent, meaning I had to resign or if possible take a leave without pay in our company because they could not move me on the next batch as they still don’t know when they will be conducting a training for the next batch. She said they already reached the number of crews they need. I was already getting a sad feeling then because I know that we don’t have Sabbatical leave or that my boss would not allow me an immediate resignation. I just said I’d talk to my boss and see what I could do. The trainer was really understanding and she advised me that if I could not pursue it, I could just sms them to inform of my decision. 

I wouldn’t get paid all throughout the training but the food and accommodation (in case I don’t go home everyday) would be FREE. It was my dream to become a cabin crew but I know that I still have other needs to look after to – credit card bills to pay, load, my upcoming Cebu Trip, my personal needs and etc, I just couldn’t afford to leave my work that pays me. I also considered that the airline was not flying yet, although they were on the process of completing the requirements to get the GO Signal to fly.

Maybe, if I was unemployed when the whole thing happened, I would have said yes. It’s like enrolling in a flight attendant school. At least, I could put it in my resume no matter what happens later on. Ito yung feeling na, kung kailan nakuha mo na yung gusto mo, may mga pagkakataon pa rin na masasabi mong hindi pa talaga para sayo. After I’ve decided to stay on my current job, I prayed that hopefully I’ve made a right decision. As much as I wanted to pursue the training, may mga bagay talaga na minsan kailangan nating isipin at bigyan ng konsiderasyon. As Donna Jensen would say: 

Why can’t all choices be simple? Why can’t they all be window or aisle? Coffee or tea?
 Hopefully, one day, if God permits that I get accepted to train for the cabin crew position, there would be no more hurdles, no more to go or not to go dilemma, and that everything would just fall into place.  Insha'Allah!

I decided not to name the start up airline for a good purpose.  


aubreeh on 7:09 PM said...

Hello ms. Joane

May i know po anong e-mail ad or anong company eto. I might give it a try po sana ;) thank u so much! Btw, i wanna try ur NYX lipstick ;) is it the matte lipstick?

Aubrey ;)

Joanne Camet on 12:31 PM said...

Hi Aubreeh, re yung NYX Lipstick, may matte. May round lipstick din. I accept pre-orders as of the moment.

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