Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Go Natural: In Velvet Nude and Arctic Stone

After my friend gave me a Sophie Martin lipstick in Red Pepper, which I will be reviewing soon. I decided to collect all the shades. I already posted my first Sophie Martin lipstick review and this will be the second one. I bought this shade along with my Ice Pink (got them for 150.00 for 2 pcs).

Velvet Nude 

Close Up
 The shade is close to Fashion 21's Aqualicious Lipstick in Arctic Stone

Arctic Stone
 The Velvet Nude shade may look livelier on my lips and it may also look a bit pinkish.  Arctic Stone in my opinion looks more natural and it's closer to the color of a bare lips.  Both shades are my firsts nude shades. I've been wanting to try a nude-colored lipstick and I'm happy with my first two purchases of the said shade. 

What I like about them?

- Both are affordable. I bought the Velvet Nude for 75.00 (original price is 79.00)  since I got it along with Ice Pink for 150.00; F21's Arctic Stone is priced at 155.00.

- Arctic stone is not drying. You may not need to put a lip gloss before wearing it. 

- Both can last for hours.


- Velvet Nude, just like the Ice Pink can be drying.



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