Saturday, April 21, 2012

Environment Friendly: Human Nature

I've read good reviews on the products of Human Nature. Even my friend, Reese, shared her good comment on Human Nature's Sunflower oil. According to their website, Human Nature was introduced on 2008 to the good friends, family and Gawad Kalinga partners of Anna, Dylan and Camille Meloto. The products were organically made and safe to use. 

After reading consistent good reviews from different beauty blogs, I finally gave in and try their products.  I visited the nearest Human Nature branch and bought these:

 Moisturizing Night Creme (149.00)  and Human Nature Sunflower Oil (110.00)
See the rabbit-like logo? Human Nature do not test their products on animals :)    
Oil could be used as a a make-up remover, actually, I've read somewhere that it could be a GOOD make-up remover and cleanser too! When I got home, I tried the Sunflower Beauty Oil to remove my make-up.

Tadah! Goodbye make-up! Excuse me for this photo
When night came, I tried using the moisturizing night creme.  It's been years since I've used a moisturizer.  I have an oily skin and using one can make me skin oilier but because of the good reviews of Human Nature's night moisturizer I decided to use moisturizer again. 

  • my skin was soft the morning after using it
  • no breakout
Con:  none.

Soon, I'm going to try other products of Human Nature.  Next in line would be their lip balm.  I was just consuming my Maybelline lip balm before buying HN's.  Hoping I could buy one before their summer sale ends. 

By the way, if you do not want to visit any Human Nature branch but would like to try out their products, you could do online shopping and just pay for the shipping fee.  You can visit:



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