Monday, February 06, 2012

Organizing my Lipsticks

I'm getting fond of collecting lipsticks. To date I own 29 lipsticks from different brands. My Canada-based aunt takes a huge with my love for cosmetics. Whenever she asks me what I want, I always say: "make-up" and she'll send me with a few pieces of different eyeshadow palettes from Clinique and Avon Canada. 

Recently, I'm getting crazy about buying a new lipstick almost every week.  When I'm at a mall, you'll see me going to the Cosmetics section creating swatches of different lipstick shades on my arms.  I'm not picky when it comes to the brand. I always go for the color and how well it suites me.  The cheapest lipstick I have on my kit is priced at P 75.00.  

This recently concluded weekend, I went to the nearby mall with the brothers and luckily found a kit that I can use to keep all my 'lippies' : 
Storage Essentials from Japan Home Center, P 66.00
I immediately placed all my lipsticks inside upon getting back home. 

my babies found a new home! hihi :)
I'm happy that my lipsticks can now be kept on a decent kit.  Additionally, I will not have a hard time looking for any shade that I want to bring at the office or use for the day.  Japan Home Center really has a variety of useful kits.  I've been looking for a personal train case since last year but time doesn't permit me to look for a cheap one so I just settle for something like the kit on the pictures shown above and I like it! :) 



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