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2011: Opportunities, Surprises, Lessons, and Everything in Between

I started 2011 with excitement, probably because after so many years, my papa celebrated the holidays with us. When I welcomed the year, I hoped for something and prayed that everything would happen according to what I wished and longed. Reviewing the year that was about to end, things didn’t happen the way I planned it, well, not exactly, but wasn’t really bad at all. 

My Plan A – the dream of becoming a frequent flyer didn’t happen this year, but at least, there were some progress. It was January when I tried for a local airline that aims to let every Juan flies. I was able to reach the final interview but wasn’t recommended to take the medicals, meaning, I didn’t make the cut. It was sad of course! Having the thought of being so close to what you wanted but ended up going back to zero was really disappointing. A few weeks after, I learned that my dream airline (World’s 5 Star Airline) was hiring again. I was half-hearted about trying for it because I tried a few times before yet I never experienced being shortlisted among thousand applicants, so I was like tired already of trying and trying, waking up very early, dolling up myself and only have a few seconds with the recruiter. It was my MUA friend, now an International Flight Attendant who encouraged me to try and even offered to groom me for the Open Day. I said yes to her but a few days before the big day, I was still having thoughts of trying but I realized that I don’t want ‘what ifs’. So I tried and luckily, for the very first time, I got shortlisted among more or less a thousand applicants. It was really a productive moment for me. I got shortlisted and at the same time, I got to learn how to put make-up the right way. I didn’t make it until final interview yet I considered myself blessed. Having been shortlisted for the first time after a few tries was an achievement. I didn’t feel bad after being eliminated after the first stage of the assessment. Come July and December, I got shortlisted again for the same airline. The second time (July) was a surprise for me. When I attended the Open Day, I arrived at the hotel around 9:30 am and was able to submit my CV around 5 pm, so imagine the hunger and thirst for the entire hours of waiting. There was neither a call nor a text message telling me to come back for the second day, so I thought luck wasn’t on my side again, but I was wrong. I got the ‘magic text’ the next day. It was something I didn’t expect at all. To make it short, I didn’t make it again until the final interview. When my name wasn’t called to proceed, it was sad but at the back of my mind, I should be thankful for the chance, at least I have an idea what to do or what to improve the next time. It was the December assessment that my heart got broken and made me want to cry and just give up. Again, for the third time, I didn’t make it until final interview. I wanted to give up but a part of me says I should not. To recall, one of our recruiters told us not to be disheartened if our names won’t be called now, who knows we might get called the next time. I really thought it was the right time for me but, I have to go back to ZERO. Life goes on after all. If I try harder the next time, if God wills, I’d get to where I wanted to be. 

LESSON LEARNED: The only chance I missed was when I said NO. God gives us not an opportunity but OPPORTUNITES. Since I never said NO, for sure God wanted me to learn the basics first. 

My Plan B – getting a job that I would like. Working in Manila wasn’t really a big adjustment for me since I’m used to getting to and from the place. I’ve become a Manila girl since 2005 (and a Makati girl from 2008-2009) so commuting would not be an issue. It was waking up early for work that had been a challenge for me, well, at first, since I didn’t work for a long time. I would be a hypocrite if I say I was contented with my work. I would love to do more and learn more from what I have now. Nevertheless I could say that I was just relaxed. I don’t drag myself to work. I don’t get depressed from what I do. In Filipino I would say: “sakto lang, kalmado lang ako, okay lang ako sa ginagawa ko, wala naman akong reklamo sa mga katrabaho at boss ko”. 

LESSON LEARNED: Consider every work day as a chance to learn something new. If there’s nothing new to learn, might as well use the day to work with quality

2011 also offered me surprises like falling in love and getting an opportunity to work abroad. I started the year with a ZERO lovelife but along the way, it came when I least expected it. I don’t think I need to inform the whole world how, when and where our love story started; how we got along; when I said YES to him; or how we spend quality time together. We were never a perfect couple and our relationship was never perfect but the ride was always worthwhile. 

LESSON LEARNED: Once in a while, it’s good to swallow my pride to settle something. If there’s something that should be talked about, facebook won’t help, hindi dapat nagpaparinig sa Facebook or Twitter, mas okay nang maging straight to the point sa kanya. After all, lahat naman nadadaan sa mabuting usapan. 

On the latter part of this year, I got an opportunity to work abroad but I didn’t take the chance. I won’t say my reasons but I would say I didn’t have regrets. I have longed wished to work overseas, I won’t get paid here as much as I would earn there; but considering everything, I still chose to stay and I know that God wanted me to stay here. I know that my decision was well-guided by God. So far, that was the biggest decision I have ever made. 

LESSON LEARNED: When you’re about to make a BIG decision – Pray! 

2011 had been a happy year for me. I hang out with friends once in a while; I was able to experience another EPIC night with my high school friends; bonding time with my family; singing for God; a little shopping for the things I want and a whole lot more. I might not be earning really high but at least I’m getting by and surely, God was the reason why I’m getting almost all my wants and needs. 

If there’s one moment that this year made me really sad, it was when one of my closest aunt died of cancer, but I know she’s in good hands now. She’s in a place when there’s no pain, and no problems. 

All in all, I’m thankful for everything that “2011: The Year that was” gave me. I’m thankful for everyone and for everything I have. God must be really great that despite all the problems and challenges I’ve encountered this year, He never fails to give me enough strength to get through each and every day. Hindi ko man masabi na akin ang 2011, pero maraming blessings ang dumating. Things may not be the way I wanted them to be, pero alam ko na lahat ng mayroon ako ngayon ay yung mga bagay na sa tingin ni God na kailangan ko. 

For the year that was about to end: THANK YOU! Let’s all welcome the Dragon with faith in God and with ourselves and of course, with a happy and grateful heart!  Cheers!



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