Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today is November

A few more hours and I'll be going back to reality. How I wish I'm still a student who can still enjoy a few more days of vacation :( I feel like the long weekend passed by so fast that I haven't enjoyed it that much, well except for Saturday where I spent the whole day just walking and walking and walking around Bonifacio Global City (blog post soon). 

On the other hand, I missed this space. I missed expressing my very random thoughts.  Work and other stuff keeps me from blogging.  Not that I am not allowed to do so, but, the limited free time keeps me from doing so.  A lot of things happened in just a span of two to three weeks. I almost welcome another chapter and face another world before the year ends, but, I have to consider every pros and cons. I still believe that God never closes the door without opening the window.  Good things come to those who wait :)

I hope, I'll be able to update more by the coming of another long weekend. I really have a lot of things to post.  Also, I will be having this business plan that I will soon advertise here.  I'm still working on it, trying to put some of my free time to organize things. 

I shall return when I'm not busy!



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