Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On a Tuesday Afternoon

I'm still at the office, rendering the last hour of my shift.  My works for tomorrow are all done (yes, tomorrow's works) my co-writer and I are always putting effort to advance all our tasks because our work load is quite loaded during the weekend, that's why as much as I wanted to take a leave on a Friday, I'm having thoughts of applying for a whole day leave, but with a half day leave, no problemo! We can both adjust for it.  Although workload is manageable during weekdays, it's traveling back home that is time consuming! The traffic flow is improving in a way, but getting on a bus ride home is worse. Anyway, enough for the rants about going home and getting a ride.

This will be another post with random stuff and I want to start now:

1. I am happy and proud that our very own Palawan Underground River is making its way to become one of the official Seven Wonders of Nature. Of course, I voted for our very own PPUR.

2. I am starting to make my Christmas Wishlist. The 2012 Belle De Jour Planner tops my list (the rest? Have to decide first, :P ).  Before, I used to drown myself with caffeine and whip creams to complete all the 17 Starbucks stickers but I realized that it's not a lucky planner (well, at least for me)  and I don't know why.  Maybe that's a sign that I should always think first and be more practical.  I'm no longer an everyday coffee-drinker because coffee stains my teeth, and if it's only for the planner, well I'm not being practical (well, again, at least for me), completing the 17 stickers will cost me a couple of thousand bucks. The cost of 17 stickers is close to buying 4 BDJ planners :))

3. One of my close friends is now based at Edinburgh.  It's sad to be away from someone really close to you, but at least you know it's for their own growth and eventual success.  I'll miss my friend so bad, but it's better to just look forward on the day that I'll see her again. We never said our goodbyes, we only have our "see you soon" lines.

4. I got pissed this morning.  Two of BPI's automated teller machines at the ground floor of our building are not working since last night.  I even have to go straight to their nearest branch to find one machine that's working.  I walked under the rain just to reach the bank! I hope BPI will think of replacing one machine at the ground floor because it's not working all the time!

5. I'm already making my Christmas List and starting to think of my budget.  I'm really eager to travel next month, whether out of town or out of the country.  I'm just hoping that I'll be able to find a nice package.  If an out of the country trip next month will not pursue, I'll beg my papa when he comes early next year :))

Time check: 16:40 on my pc. Twenty more minutes and my shift ends. I'm excited to go home.  Until next time readers!


I hope you like the new lay-out.  :)



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