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As a cabin crew/flight attendant hopeful, I used to blog about application experiences, but because of my busy schedule, I rarely do it now; but I am very open on entertaining questions asked. I decided to compile the questions sent to me via e-mail (since Jan 2011). I based the answers from my previous experiences of from the experiences of successful cabin crews I know.

1. Current Cabin Crew Openings

(as of September 14, 2011)


18-30 yrs old
min of 200 cms (arm reach)
at least high school graduate
weight and height should be proportional
physically fit
high standard of personal appearance and grooming
no tattoos visible while wearing airphil express uniform
clear complexion

Business Attire, Preferably sleeveless blouse with blazer and skirt with no stockings
Full Make Up

Send your resume to:
Indicate the position you're applying and the location in your email
Ex: Cabin Crew- Cebu



Position Code: FA
Must be a Filipino citizen
18 - 27 years old
Females must be single; at least 5'2 1/2 in height (preferably 5'3' and above)
Males preferably single; at least 5'6' in height
With good visual impact and pleasing personality
With perfect vision (20/20) or with contact lenses but not beyond 20/40 grade vision
Weight must be proportionate to height
With clear complexion and good set of teeth
College level
Must have excellent command of English and Filipino


1. Download the PAL PERSONAL INFORMATION SHEET and fill in the information
2. Attach a recent photo
3. Scan the sheet and send the copy to:
Indicate the POSITION CODE and how you found out the vacany in the subject field
(access via: FB-Facebook, NEWS-Newspaper, RTV- Radio or Television, JB/CRE-Job Fair or Campus Recruitment,WEB-PAL's Corporate Website, REF/ADV-referred and/or advised by family and friends).



2. Is it possible that they will accept you if you have a scar on your leg?

If it’s not a big scar and if you can conceal/hide it, no worries. If you really want the scar to disappear, you may consult a dermatologist and ask for an opinion whether to undergo a treatment or apply something on it.

3. I just applied for Cebu Pacific last month but i did not pass. I saw their new add at a newspaper that they are hiring (but this one is GRAND hiring) at a hotel. Do u think I could re-apply again if i just applied last month?

From what I know, Cebu Pacific has a 6-months waiting period from the date of an unsuccessful application. Grand Hiring is still the same as their usual screening (done at their office), only that it’s a one day hiring, unlike from the screening done at their office wherein you need to come back if you’re shortlisted.

4. I'm willing to apply to Saudi Airlines but the problem is I'm only 20 yrs old.

For Saudi Arabian Airlines, minimum age is 21 years old ,but if you’re turning 21 in months time you may want to ask the agency handling the application; but most likely, if you’re turning 21 in, say, 3 months time, you can apply.

5. I always wanted to work for JAL Airlines, Asiana and Emirates Airlines but the problem is there is no available position for flight attendant. Any advice for this?

Wait for their opening; or you can either apply for other airlines and gain flying experience or work for a customer service job.

6. I haven't tried applying for any airline yet, so I'm quite nervous! Any tips?

Try composing yourself, saying you’re not nervous even if you are (mind over matter) and prepare all the things you need. When you see an advertisement for the job, read the list of requirements carefully. Bring all the things needed and wear the appropriate attire. During an application, wear proper attire: in corporate blazer, over blouse and knee length skirt for women; slacks, corporate coat over long sleeves (preferably with tie) for men (unless specified that you should come in casual attire).

7. What other international airlines that have Open Days/Hiring here in the Philippines? I actually want to apply for Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. But I don't know if that's relatively possible. Any ideas?

Qatar Airways frequently conduct an Open Day in the Philippines (usually open for both male and female).
For Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, they do not hold an open day as of the moment.

8. PAL: Talaga bang strict sila sa scars ? or mas strict sila sa ngipin?...if ever my scars ,pwedi bang mag lagay ng covering make up for scars ? o mahahalata din nila iyon ?

Having attended an Impact Interview, they scrutinize the face, legs, arms, and teeth. Only PAL can determine whether they are more strict on scars rather than on an applicant’s teeth. Lastly, try concealing the scars.

9. I’m a flight attendant hopeful, just the same from the other who comments and reads your blogs about flight attendants. Do you have any advice in trying to achieve this dream? where to apply etc etc.

I always say that if you really want something, then, nothing should stop you from reaching it. Just try and try. One failure can never measure your worth and capability as a person. Sometimes, reaching for something comes along with the right timing. Try assessing yourself after a failed application and improve yourself. Regarding the question where to apply, you can visit; read newspapers and visit the websites of different airline companies.

10. There's an OD for Qatar Airways coming up this August and I'm planning to attend. But I still have braces on; you think I should still give it a shot? If yes, what things/docs should I prepare? Clothing opinions? (I'm a guy).

I guess, Qatar Airways is strict when it comes to braces, as per the advertisements say that applicants with braces will not be entertained. But if you really wanted to try for the sake of trying and gaining experience, you may do so. You may just prepare your cv and photos (passport size and whole body picture).

Attire for men: slacks, corporate coat over long sleeves (preferably with tie)

11. Won't I need to have 2X2 and passport size photos (for Qatar Airways)?

2x2 photo for your resume/cv is optional. I don’t put my photo on my cv as it may just be returned to me. I only prepare one passport size photo and one whole body photo, size is 4r during an Open Day for Qatar Airways.

12. Hi Joanna! Can I ask you another question please?
Is there a specific kind of CV for Qatar or can i just buy the standard ones on the bookstore? Hope Im not a bother. Thanks!

Create your own CV, just like when you’re applying for other jobs, only that the objective (if you have that part on your resume) may be different. Personally, I put the ff details (in order):

Contact No(s)
Email Address

Objective (optional)

Summary of Skills (optional)

Work Experience

Educational Background

Seminars/Trainings Attended

Character References

NOTE that I’m just speaking from experience. I know I may not be the best person to answer everything you have in mind as I don’t have any successful application to date, but I’m very much willing to answer any question. I would love to help on my own way.

P.S. For any other questions, suggestions, comments and etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me. You have the ff options to reach me:

1. Send me an e-mail at:
2. Leave a message on the chatbox
3. Comment on this post

There are no right or wrong questions, I would be glad to hear from you :) 



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Anonymous said...

Hi po ms joanne just wanna ask a question po we all know that ang pgiging FA ay may age limit what happen if you reach that limit? Tatanggalin ka na ba or it will dpend kung ipropromote ka nila into other postion? Thabk you btw your blog is amazeballs! Truly inspiring ��

Katherine Santos on 4:12 PM said...

Hi, how about the teeth? Does it really have to be straight? Panu kung crooked? crooked kasi ngipin ko. And i have scars. One keloid pa nga eh.
I am going to try and apply as a FA this coming june . Sa tingin mo with my flaws, would it be impossible to pass? sa PAL. Any tips for me?

Anonymous said...

Hi ask ko lang if ever ng failed sa exam before yung training, yung iq test. Possible bang magretake? Or possible na tawagan pa din? Thanks.

jellychic26 on 2:52 PM said...

hello po, just wanna ask lang po sana about sa PAL, what is the difference po ng impact interview and final interview? actually po i already passed the pre-screening for FA in PAL and final interview kuna po next week. but i'm still curious about the interview, sbi stab or pass ko nakalagay final, curious lang ako if final na talaga or yun pa yung impact interview. sana po masagot nyo :) thanks :))

Grace Faith Bawa-an on 1:02 AM said...

Hi miss Joanne. I'm currently working in the bpo industry, but to be a cabin crew is really my dream job. Graduated BS tourism, but one thing that hinders me in applying as one is my scar in the knee, I was bitten by 3 dogs when I was still young but it's skin toned scar naman, I 'm also conscious about the stretchmarks at the back of my legs that I got when I gained weight before, it was red before but now it turned lighter and white but still has lines. And I also have cellulites in my legs. But not as obvious as what I have at the back portion of my thighs. Huhu I am now turning 22, 5 feet and 5 inches tall. 54kg. Do you think I'll still get hired if I'll apply? And I'm also conscious about my teeth, they are somewhat yellowish but it's straight. I'm planning to have it bleached. I am always praying to be one of you. In God's will. Hoping for your reply soon. God bless and more power!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hindi ba tinatanggap ng pal express if may scoliosis?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I hope you can read this.. I just wanna ask, if ever I don't passport yet, is it still possible na makuha ako for FA?

Anonymous said...

Actually I am planning to go thru an agency. Skills International.. Have you heard about that? Can you give some advice and tips? I am planning to go tomorrow for a screening...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been dreaming of becoming a flight attendant ever since I was a kid. I'm a guy 20 years old and my height is 5'4 or 5'4.5" is there a chance for me to get in PAL? :( Ganun ba sila ka-strict when it comes to height requirement? Will foreign language help me get in? Thanks! Awesome blog by the way :)

Mark Eduardo Rivera on 3:58 PM said...

Hi i just want to know if my application is affected kung may grado mata ko. Ndi naman ganun kataas kaya naman daanin sa contact lens salamat po.

Mark Eduardo Rivera on 4:00 PM said...

And another question po plano ko po mag apply sa isang cabin crew training center para magka background sa airline industry before i apply for actual. Is it okay? Waste of money ba un? Nag work ako dati sa cruise ship sa food and beverage department for 3 yrs and im 25 yrs old now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Joanne! I have Scar on my Eyebrow. Do you think i don't have a possibility to become a Flight Attendant? :) ThankYou ..


Anonymous said...

Hi! just wanted to ask if i can be hire even if i can't swim? :) ThankYou! :)

Unknown on 8:33 PM said...

Kung may scars at mole po ba? May chance parin maging f/a?

Black Princess on 5:38 PM said...

Hi gusto ko sanang malaman kung okay lng po ba kapag may denture?

Anonymous said...

Im planning to apply for PAL soon, are they strict with your academic records? I failed some subjects kasi back in college :(

Anonymous said...

Good day 😊 cebupac texted me that I have examination for FA do you have any idea about their exam? Just to prepare myself hahaha😃 thank you😊

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne. Good AM/PM. I gain more knowledge about the requirements to be a Flight Attendant while reading your posts though I have read the PAL requirements I still have a question about a particular thing. I am 19 years old and still a student, having a good set of teeth is my problem. I have a white clear teeth and I think I have a good set of one but I have broken two second molars in the upper and lower part located at the left side of my teeth and I'm planning to uproot them as soon as possible. The question is, would it be a problem since they are located inside and not visible whenever I'll smile or talk? Thank you for replying in advance. Cherry Silvestre.

Kathreena Joy Lopez on 9:42 AM said...

Hi this is kath. I'm planning to apply as FA in PAL, my concern is i have a lot of stretchmarks in my tummy due to giving birth. I'm also a single mom. Would they still consider single mothers? I also have a lot of strectchmarks on my legs due to puberty would i still be accepted? Please help me. I'm planning to apply.

Joanne Camet on 12:07 AM said...

Hi Lalaine, thank you! Do not worry if you have flaws, so long as they see your packaging, these imperfections (you believe) you have will not hinder you to be a cabin crew.

Joanne Camet on 1:08 AM said...

Hi Everyone,

I do apologize if I didn't answer your queries on time. I have been on a hiatus on the blogging world for a long time now and I have only answered those who sent me emails.

Anyway, as they will always say, better LATE than NEVER. So I will try to still catch up even if your questions have been on queue for so long.

@Anonymous RE AGE LIMIT

Thank you for your comment. Only the airline's policy can give you the answer and I think this will depend on the airline whether to move you to another department or asks you to retire (this is just my guess).


1. SCOLIOSIS - this will depend on the medical requirements/standard set by the airline.

2. PASSPORT - I believe airlines will require this even during the initial screening if you are applying for international airlines(they do ask for passport copy) . For local carriers, they may require you a passport right after you passed all the screening process.

3. SKILLS AGENCY - I've applied I think once or twice before, they used to be the agency of Saudia before they moved to Ipams.

4. PAL HEIGHT REQUIREMENT - It's been six years since I applied for PAL and I cannot say how strict they are now when it comes to height but there's no harm in trying though.

5. FOREIGN LANGUAGE - This can work to your advantage but not act as an assurance.

6. EYE GRADE - Depends on the airline's requirement. Only the airline you are applying for can answer you this.

7. CABIN CREW TRAINING CENTER - Not a requirement. Not everyone gets thru this before they become Cabin Crews. Recruiters will look at your total packaging.

8. SCARS - Sad to say, I cannot give an exact answer regarding this but I believe that if they really like you, no single sign of imperfection can stop you.

9. SWIMMING - Whether you can or cannot, it doesn't matter. You will have to wear life jackets during training. I think if the airline requires that you know how to swim unaided, they will let everyone know about this during the first stage of their application.


I don't think stretchmarks in your tummy can be a problem since it will not be visible when you are wearing the uniform. I know someone who got in even if she's a mom already so maybe this is not an issue with them.

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