Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Because We Read

SEPTEMBER 17, 2011,  my friend and I went to the 32nd Manila International Book Fair. I was awed by the gazillion number of books I've seen. Some books were priced really low, but some, like that of Nicholas Sparks,Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom have little or no discount. Children's books were as low as 20 pesos. I've bought a lot for my brothers even if they were not that young for those books, hehe, still, I knew those could help them practice what they learned in school. Entrance fee was 20 pesos, but if hunger strikes and you wanted to eat first, just make sure you have a stamp while you exit.

Rewinding some moments in my life, I never really loved books at first. The only ones I read were the books I use at school. I was more of a magazine and 'komiks' reader because they have illustrations. While my classmates and friends already read novels and inspirational books from known authors, I settled on writing my own stories and still reading magazines. I was on my second or third year in college when I started Philippine Literature books. Since then, I would borrow books from the Filipiniana Section. I started enjoying reading. After graduation, one person made me realize that I should broaden my preference on books. That happened when he gave me an inspirational/self help book. The rest was history. Right now, I rarely find time to read because of work.

Going back to the Book Fair, I was really hyped the morning before I headed to SMX. I was certain I would find pretty interesting titles on really low prices. I was right. Summing up the total price of books I bought, including those I gave to my mom and sibs, I shed p 295.00. The lowest price was at P 5.00 and the most pricey was P 100.00 (John Maxwell's The Difference Maker was priced at 100 bucks! really cheap? :D )

The first book I read and finished was Lovestruck (by OMF Lit), originally priced at P 75.00 (but I bought it at P 60.00) . It so happened that the author, Ronald Molmisa was at the OMF Lit's booth so I got the chance to meet him and let him signed my newly bought book. You'd also get a few stuff when you buy at OMF Lit, just like these goodies:

Been at the SMX for hours, but I got happy feet! I enjoyed going around, checking for books.

with my bookworm friend, Lars :)



Airina April on 6:34 PM said...

waah! im so envious! :((

joannecams on 8:37 AM said...

may duty ka that time?

Anonymous said...

hi, i have an impact interview scheduled at PAl in 2 days and i'm nervous because i dont really know of what to expect. i stand at 5'3" and weigh 130lbs. i am a nursing graduate, light and clear complexion, i think i have a good set of teeth naman, although one of my lower front tooth is a bit slanted but is not noticeable when i smile. what do u think are my chances?

Xycysthiae Santillan on 1:03 PM said...

Hi! This is a nice blog! I am planning to attend Qatar Airways' OD this September 27. I have a problem with my teeth. It is not that visible, pero dalawa yung nabunot sakin.. if I give a big smile, medyo halata siguro.. Strict ba sila when it comes to teeth? And unfortunately, my weight does not match my height. Underweight kasi ako.. Would it be a problem?

Joanne Camet on 2:53 AM said...

Hi, I don't know how strict they can be when it comes to teeth, except that braces are not allowed. Re weight, they might (probably) consider kung normal mo talaga yun and wala namang any underlying reasons.

mary rose morte on 10:26 AM said...

Hi Good Morning Ate Joanne :). This blog helps me to keep in my dream to be an FA someday. i'm a fresh graduate of communication and want to pursue my chosen career in flying journey. i loosing hope na baka hindi nila ako matanggap because of minimal scar on my legs and wala sa alignment yung 2 upper teeth ko.

Joanne Camet on 3:14 AM said...

Hello, Thank you! If you really want to pursue being a flight attendant, do not be afraid to try but never close your door as well to other opportunities aside from being a flight attendant. Sometimes, hindi natin nakukuha agad and if the time is not yet right, it wouldn't hurt to explore other opportunities and if you really want to be an FA, i-try mo pa rin mag-apply kapag may chance.

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