Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends that Pray Together, Stay Together

I'm happy that God gave me friends who also love to visit churches may it be on a holy week or not. My friend, Lars, also brought me to a few churches around the metro and it's a nice feeling to surrender all your worries at the heart of the metro and after a while, you're fine again.  Going to churches had been my solace for the one whole year of being a bum and God provided me all the things I needed even without a job. Going to churches also made me stronger. When I became a bum for a year, I learned how to appreciate small things; be wiser to overcome failures; and be more faithful to God.

This post is made to share some of the photos of me and my friends visiting churches in and out the metro :)
At Padre Pio, Libis

Tierra de Maria, Tagaytay
Pink Sisters, Tagaytay
La Salette, Silang



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