Sunday, July 03, 2011

Seen, Everywhere

Do you believe in signs? Well, I used to ask for signs but never get the answers. For so long, I stopped asking for them,but still believe in them somehow. Signs, I guess are the things that we attract, either we ask for them or not. We get what we think and sometimes, we get the images that we ask. 

For a period of time, instead of saying it's a sign! I consider the 'supposed signs' as a reminder of something I've been praying for.  Signs do work for some people; but I guess, every 'sign' means something.  They are God's way of answering what we've been asking for.

I've seen images of my dream everywhere. Even my friend sees them. I know, they must be telling something - NO TO GIVING UP, IN GOD'S PERFECT TIME, EVERYTHING WILL FALL INTO PLACE AND WHEN IT HAPPENS, IT WILL HAPPEN VERY FAST. 



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