Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fight Doesn't Stop

Flying is a decision

I attended the Qatar Airways (QR) OD last Saturday. I knew that a lot would be there since it was open for both males and females and they changed the minimum age from 23 to 21. I was able to anticipate the number of applicants but not the length of time that I would spend there.Unlike the previous Open Days, I didn't go there early since I had a previous commitment.  I arrived at Diamond Hotel (DH) around 9:45 am. Newcomers were asked to go upstairs since the line would start there.  I waited for more or less 4 hours, standing in my high heels. Before we're able to go inside the ballroom, there was a reach test.  If you reach the 212 cm, you can fall in line again before you can finally proceed to the ballroom, but if you weren't able to do so, you would just leave your resume and photos.  

It was not my first time to experience lining up that long. What I experience at Diamond was better than what I had when I tried applying for QR at IPAMS' extension office at Aurora Boulevard. There I had to battle the scorching sun, the smoke coming from jeepneys, cars and all other vehicles since it was along the road. At least, at DH, it was not that hot, it was just tiring because standing with your high heels for hours was never a joke. 

Seconds, minutes, and hours passed. I was even able to make friends with my co-applicants.  Around 5 PM, my turn came.  I submitted my CV and photos to the Asian recruiter.  She asked me a few questions like my age, my previous work experience and she asked me if I was a Mass Communication graduate and in line with that, she asked me why I wanted to do a customer service job. I said it was the thing that I want to do and I know that I do good with that kind of job. Before my turn ended,she said  "thank you" and "all the best" .   I was really starving as I was going out of DH.  I wasn't able to have a decent breakfast and the only food that I had all throughout my stay at DH was my mint candy.  I went straight to Robinsons Place and had my "lunner" (lunch + dinner) =)) . 

I never expected anything because I didn't know if the recruiter likes me or not, maybe because I couldn't feel anything except for hunger and thirst.  I was just exchanging text messages with my friends and with the boyfriend.  I was really tired as it was really a looooooong day for me. 

Around 7 PM, my friend who also went to the OD told me she was shortlisted.  I was really happy for her and as for me then, I said to myself "how about me?  Could it be another better luck next time".  Nonetheless, I ended the day thanking the Lord for the opportunity of being there. No text message, no call, I thought, that was it. I could do better the next time. 

The day after, I just started the day with a peaceful heart. I had a mug half full of coffee, attended the 8 am mass with my mom and siblings and sang with the choir for the 9:30 am mass. I arrived home at past 12 noon. I received a message from an unknown number. It said, Pls. be informed that you are shortlisted blah blah blah and it mentioned for Qatar Airways Assessment. I was shocked. My hands were shaking while I was confirming my attendance.  The only expression I uttered was OMG! I wasn't expecting it anymore since I thought everyone was notified already.  I was really excited for my second AD and I was recollecting all the tips my cabin crew friends told me.

July 25 - The Assessment Day: We were like almost 70 who were shortlisted for the AM batch.  The assessment started around 9 am. The recruiters introduced themselves first before letting us watch the video about Qatar and Qatar Airways.  It was my second time to see the video but I felt like it was my first time to see it.  It was a happy feeling seating at the room and watching the video. The recruiters were even telling us that each one of us deserves a pat on our back for reaching that far.  They mentioned that the total number of applicants was 1,600++, I couldn't remember the exact figure though and they chose us to proceed on the second step.  As for me, it was a genuine feeling thankfulness for reaching the AD, at least no matter what happens I know that I made it to the second round.  We had an exam after the recruiters discussed about Qatar and Qatar Airways.  Time came when they had to eliminate, again, I wasn't chosen to proceed. Nevertheless, I didn't leave with a bitter heart.  I know if I made it to the AD for the second time, I could still try until I get my third chance for the AD. I hope, there would be another chance for me and when it comes, I would do everything I could to reach the final interview and eventually fly for my dream. I would reassess myself and improve what I have to improve. Getting to the AD was a rewarding experience. At least, it could help me too if I would try for other airlines.  

Someday, I would finally reach my destination, for the mean time, I would consider myself traveling still. Definitely God has plans. Maybe yesterday wasn't my time. I would always remember what one of the recruiters told us: Flying is lifestyle. Flying is a decision because you would be working away from your loved ones.  Maybe God still wants me to muster all the strength before He send me to the land where I could do my dreams, before He allowed me to be away from my family and live independently. God gave me this desire and I know He would help me complete this dream. 




Jezzi Guics on 1:02 PM said...

Don't give up! A message from someone who never says die *wink*

joannecams on 1:58 PM said...

Yes sis! Thanks! *hugs* :)

Airina April on 2:17 PM said...

You do deserve a pat on the back, there's always a next time.. goodluck :D

Star on 3:40 AM said...

Someday, all your efforts will pay off... All the Best! =)

joannecams on 2:07 PM said...

@Airina: Thanks Peng! :)

joannecams on 2:07 PM said...

@Star: Inshallah. Thank You! :)

TheJumpSeater on 3:21 AM said...

sis,the RO's are right. you really deserve a pat on the back after being shortlisted for the AD. I hope this will not make you give up your dream of flying. :) oh, btw, it's me (you know who). :) nagpapakaanonymous nako! hahaha!

joannecams on 10:02 AM said...

@Jumpseater: yes sis! I'll never give up on this, lalo ngayon na in any way naman nakaka move on na ko kahit pano sa next stage, mas lumalakas loob ko. hehehehe.

TheJumpSeater on 9:24 PM said...

tama yan! :)

phiez on 11:36 PM said...

Keep on going!!! Don't give up!! :D

joannecams on 8:39 AM said...

Thanks Phiez :)

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