Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hustle While Waiting

I'm back! Definitely am, with a lot to tell! :) 

As expected, I've been very busy juggling two works (assuming two positions in the same company) each and everyday. Although work has been very tight, at the end of the day, there's this piece of pride in me that reminds me how I managed to be a mobilization assistant and a web writer at the same time. I'm stressed, yes, I get tired each day, but the bulk of work reminds me that I should be thankful because I can do them (the two positions) both. 

I'm so thankful I am enjoying my current work,add to that the friends I gained ever since I joined the company. So far, so good, that's what I can say even if I'm always going home later than 5 pm. This won't take longer since I'll be replaced by someone soon for the mobilization post.

I feel so blessed with what I have now- deep faith in God, family, friends, my habibi, work, choir, etc, but even if God provided almost every aspect of  my life, I still can't stop asking that one day, I get to land on my 'dream job'.  I've been trying, praying and waiting for 2 years now. I sacrificed one year and didn't work for any company because I want to put my full focus on it, but I guess, if it's not the right time yet, it will not be given. What I can do is to just keep on trying while I am doing something else that can help me. True enough, the experience I have right now with my present company is helping me - dealing with people, assisting VIPs, etc. I know that if ever I make it again to a final interview, I can converse better and tell them my experience which is in line with my dream job. I'm very sure God is testing my faith in Him and my determination to reach that 'job'. I've been to many failures but they didn't dishearten me, I may failed once, twice, thrice, many times, but 'that' is my dream and I should not let any failure keep me from pursuing and reaching it. I know, one day, I'll get there.



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