Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Past Few Weeks and Days

MIXED EMOTIONS. I've been challenged, felt excitement, stressed, happy, motivated, inspired, etc. etc.Let me tell you a few 'happenings' in my life at random and what I've learned from each.

I've been challenged and maybe, stressed. Work keeps me busy each and every single day, especially now. I feel privileged to assume two posts at the same time. It's quite hard especially when I receive much number of calls to transfer, I would admit there were times I am complaining but, all of a sudden, I would realize, hey, I wanted these, I accepted these so, why not just put the scenario on a lighter note and perceive what's happening as a blessing rather than a burden. Well, at least, at the end of the day, I could say, I assumed two posts, (one full time and the other a part time) in one day.

Motivated and inspired. I've always kept mum recently whenever I attend an Open Day for QR. It's not that I don't want to spoil what may happen, I just want to keep things sometimes until such time that the event was all done.  I tried applying last March and the recent May 1 OD but didn't get the call for the AD. I got the call in one of my tries but how come I didn't again after that try? I stopped wondering. I maybe "ok" for one recruiter and I might not be the same for the other one. Bottomline would be, try and try until my turn comes.

Happy. I feel overwhelmed whenever I receive questions or e-mails from flight attendant aspirants asking me of some information and tips. I felt that I'm being trusted and that really matters to me. Rest assured that when the time comes that God grants me my greatest dream, I'd still continue to express my thoughts and hopefully, I'd be able to give helpful tips.

Sad. Just last Monday, one of my closest aunt died. It was sudden. Although she was battling with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, we didn't expect her journey would end this soon. I remembered I bought her a scarf after I attended the OD because her hair already diminished. But I'm sure, she'd be in God's arms and at least, she won't be experiencing any more pain in heaven.

BOTTOMLINE: Think things positively, yes, I would always do that. God never forsakes anyone who believes in Him.



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