Friday, April 15, 2011

It's April and I'm Excited!

The fourth month, my birth month - APRIL. A few more days and I'll be turning 23, hmmm, "twenteen- three" :)I'll be experiencing two firsts this year, and they are as follows:

1. A recital two days before my birthday - Tomorrow is one of our big days for us, The Marian Choir. I just hope everything will go well tonight so I can perform tomorrow. I joined the choir because I want to give something back to God. I know how good He is to me (and to everyone as well) and I just want to show (in my little way) how grateful I am to Him.

2. Working on my birthday - For 22 years, I got used to spending my birthday at home and just go out for dinner which is just one to two hours. This year, it will be different, I'll wake up early, eat breakfast and prepare for work; and since it is a Monday, I have to leave our house early to avoid heavy traffic. I'm quite excited about the idea of working on my birthday because it's the first time, really, that I'll be spending it with colleagues.

Aside from the two mentioned above, I'm also looking forward to doing Visita Iglesia this Maundy Thursday. My friends and I vowed that we'll be doing it every year and so far, we've been doing it, visiting churches in Tagaytay for two consecutive years. For this year, I think it will be the same, though my friends and I still have to plan for everything.

It's April and I'm Excited!



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