Saturday, April 23, 2011

Expression of Gratitude

 I just celebrated my birthday last Monday. For the first time in so many years, I spent most of the time not in our house, but, at the office. In one of my previous posts, I expressed how excited I am to celebrate my birthday with bosses and colleagues. I felt it right. My recent birthday celebration was that of simple yet exciting. Everything went in my favor. Officemates and even bosses greeted me and I felt thankful. My choir mates also expressed their greetings personally (when we sang during the Palm Sunday Mass), through facebook, twitter, and through text messages. I just feel great knowing that a lot said happy birthday even if we’re not that close or we’re not really talking everyday. I feel thankful and blessed to be surrounded with people with thoughtfulness and good heart. I don’t need material things, just the thought of people, remembering my birthday would suffice; but of course, I wouldn’t deny that there’s one birthday wish that I’m eyeing on. I hope it would come true anytime soon. Inshallah! In God’s perfect time! Amen.



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