Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Find

I make sure I pass by the shoes section whenever I am in a mall. I just look at the different designs and styles of shoes and see what will catch my attention. Since college, I like wearing flats. I came from a school where students can wear whatever they like, from head to toe, provided they follow the dress code. Flats have been my best friend for years. I feel more comfortable especially when I commute from Cavite to the city and vice versa. Among all the flats I have, doll shoes have been my favorite. When my toenails are colorless, you will more likely to see me wearing doll shoes. I find them fashionable and the perfect match to a skinny jeans or leggings :)

One of my friends has long been telling me about Payless Shoe Source that originates in the United States. It's now in the Philippines! Stores Specialists Inc or SSI is Payless' franchise partner.  An online article described the store as a shoe heaven. It sells shoes of different American brands.

My weekend find on sale:

still in the box :D
red shoes :)
when worn :D

I bought the shoes on sale at 549 Php. Really comfortable when worn. I'll definitely go back to Payless! Chic shoes with reasonable prices!



Andrea on 12:03 AM said...

Since you love flats so much, have you heard of Fancy Flats?ü They're super comfy and affordable too! Lots of designa and styles :-)

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