Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They Waited for Me Last Night

Yesterday, I was very excited to go home because I know there were goodies waiting for me. The goodies were from my Canada-based aunt.  Before her friend went back here in the Philippines, she asked me what I wanted, and since I was aiming for MAC (Make Up Art Cosmetics) products, I asked for a Lipstick in Russian Red and for a Studio Fix Liquid Foundation (this time, I'm sure of the shade).

I was really smiling when I saw not one, but two lipsticks in Russian Red. I know that it was quite hard to find that shade because it's always SOLD OUT or OUT OF STOCK. I, myself tried spotting for it at Duty Free Philippines but the attendant told me it was SOLD OUT.

from Canada, with Love :))

Thankful for these! :)

I'm really thankful that I have a generous aunt, and I'm happy it was available in their place. I'd save the Russian Red for special occasions and big events :)



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