Sunday, March 06, 2011

Miss Busy Bee is Back!

I've been busy with work lately. That explains why I hardly post even a single entry recently, but I hope, soon, I can go back to blogging more often. :) Aside from work, singing (in our parish as a choir member) keeps me busy. We've been singing 2-3 Sundays a month and  it's challenging me now because being an alto is harder than what I've thought. The challenge allows me to practice our songs harder.There's a program installed in my other laptop that I use whenever I practice on my own.

Work is okay!  So far so good! And, did I say I'm back in Manila? Yes! I'm working in Manila and I am liking it. Never mind the pollution, noise, traffic, etc. I love Manila and I'll keep on coming back :D
I'm still familiarizing the responsibilities but I'm happy that somehow, I'm getting into it :) I'm thankful for my current work and I'm pretty sure that my experience will really help me a lot with my dream. When I say "dream" you know what I mean readers :) I like my working schedule. Everyday, time seems to fly in the office. I am just starting to believe that I'm already working for 3 weeks now. This coming week will be the 4th one, then, it's payday the week after! LOL.

I missed being a busy bee. I can never recall how many times I mentioned it in my previous entries. Now, I'm back to being one and I'm starting to like it again. I am positive that being busy is a good sign for more better days. 


I apologize if I am replying and posting your comments late. I promise that I will always try to answer your questions and reply to your messages (every single message and comment) as soon as I can. :) I'm really thankful for all the messages and comments.



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