Sunday, March 27, 2011


If you're going to check on my make-up kit, you'll see that almost all of my lipsticks are red. I love to fill my lips with a red lipstick. Red makes me look livelier, but, the pink lips ala Barbie will make me happy too.

See the swatches:

1. Ever Bilena in Joyce 
2. Aido in Classic Lipstick No. 7
3. Estee Lauder in Nectarine
4. Clinique in Berry Freeze
5.Ever Bilena in Love that Red
6. Mac in Russian Red (MY FAVORITE)
7. Fashion 21 in True Love
8. Clinique in Berry Cream

My red lipsticks:

L-R: Ever Bilena, Aido, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Ever Bilena, MAC, F21 and Clinique
As of the moment, I already gave away my Aido lipstick because I'm not using it anymore. Bought it at 50 pesos only.  Out of those 8, the precious one is the Russian Red which came from my aunt. I said that I'd just use it on "special occasions". Aside from it's expensive to buy a MAC lipstick, the shade is also hard to find. The shade of Ever Bilena's Love that Red is quite the same with the Russian Red, but it doesn't make my teeth look whiter. I've read somewhere that Mac's Russian Red is that of bluish-red and it can make the teeth look whiter. I can actually attest to that! :) RUSSIAN RED IS LOVE.

Another reason why I love red lipsticks, is that, it makes me look confident. I've read in one issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, that a red lipstick makes you look confident and self assured, while the pink lipstick will make you look friendly. Based from experience, I can see the difference in my face whenever I use any of my red lipsticks and my pink lipstick.  I look bold, daring and confident with the red, while the pink lipstick makes me look more welcoming and friendly. 

When it comes to my everyday look (in the office), I just wear powder, eyeliner, red lipstick and I'm good to go. I don't look pale even without the blush on and it's the third reason why I keep on wearing a red lipstick to work, plus, it compliments my red nails. LOL. Saves time, and it also saves the apples of my cheeks from anything aside from powder.



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