Monday, February 07, 2011

No means YES

Good Monday morning readers! I woke up feeling happy and thankful and I want to spread the good feeling! It's a good way to start the week right? :)

In this post, I'll be sharing my Qatar Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment experience last Saturday, February 5, 2011. I'm saying this would be a lengthy post. Please bear with me. :)

In all honesty, it was not really in my plan to attend the Open Day (DAY 1: you submit your CV and photos) since I've attended five times before but never got the chance to be shortlisted. My heart was broken by Qatar Airways (QR) so many times, that's why I said to myself that if ever I would try again, that would be my last try for that airline and I even said that to my friend who would be having her medical exam for QR (Cams! I'm so happy for you and Jez). After so much encouragement from my friends and my mom, add to that the help that Cams offered (she volunteered to do my make-up), I finally decided to give a try only a few days before the Open Day. I had my photos taken at Great Image- Mall of Asia, had and my blazer altered. I like the quality of my pictures from Great Image-Moa. I've tried the services with their other branch near our place but I'm not happy with it. The photographer in Moa was also giving his opinion while I'm choosing the shots and it happened that we agree with what the best shot was. :)

Saturday, I woke up feeling excited and I couldn't explain (then) why. What I understood was it was completely different with the mornings I had with my previous OD. I just thought that my one-on-one tutorial with Cams was the reason. I feel really happy about waking up early, despite the fact of having only 5 hours of sleep because I finished 7 essays in 2 days (Thurs and Friday).  I even spilled hot water on my toes, gladly, it wasn't too hot.

As what Cams offered, she did my make-up and even my hair in a bun! (photo on my next blog entry)  :) 
I kept on asking her the things I should know and the products that she recommends. I also realized that I got the wrong MAC shade (I was assisted, but I tested it not on my jaw line, errr, very wrong) . Now, I'll be selling it! (Joanne S, still willing to buy? :D ). Mac lipstick in Russian Red was a REAL LOVE! It made my teeth look great! Mac brow set in Girl/Boy would be part of my "top things to buy"  as soon as I have enough budget.

For the first time, I went to the OD alone, without friends to meet and to chat with while waiting for my turn to submit my CV. I arrived at Manila Diamond Hotel a few minutes after 9:00. I was surprised to see less number of applicants. Before I entered the ballroom, I was asked about my age because QR changed the minimum age from 20 to 23. The Manila Diamond staff assisting in the activity even said "Good luck" before I entered the ballroom. I was more surprised to see the ballroom, half -filled but a lot of applicants were continuously entering and falling in line outside! There were only 3 recruiters. I submitted my CV to the leftmost RO, (recruitment officer). She just asked about my age, I said, I'd be turning 23 and she wrote down my current age and the month when I'd be turning 23. She underlined my mobile number and asked about it twice. I forgot her exact words but the meaning would be "Is this really your number?" like making sure if that's really correct. After that she said "thank you" and I said "thank you" also. I went out of the ballroom. I knew I was wearing a happy face all through out the hour I spent inside the ballroom, not only in front of the RO.

I had lunch with Cams at Robinsons Place and we're keeping our hopes high about receiving the golden call. We also met Joanne S. Another blogger, pexer and sister by heart and dream :) Cams left earlier because she'd be meeting another friend. While Joanne and I were strolling around, my phone kept on vibrating. That time, I had a lot of friends texting me, but I realized it was not just a simple text because it was continuously vibrating. I saw a landline number appeared! At the back of my mind, OMG! Would this be it? I answered the phone. The caller mentioned my name and ZOMG! It was the golden call! I could barely hear the caller so I kept on apologizing. I was really surprised and grateful about it. I sent the good news to Cams, to my mom and to my other friends. I went home with a thankful heart. Cams again volunteered to do my make-up for the Assessment Day (AD).

I was scheduled to be part of the morning batch. We were 40+. I am guessing the afternoon batch was also 40+.  It was really an achievement for me. I know how hard it was to get the golden call because there were a lot of applicants. The recruitment officer didn't tell the total number of applicants but I guess it was more than 500 but less than 2000. The video of Qatar was shown and I was like OMG! My heart was becoming emotional, I realized how badly I want to become a cabin crew. The ROs introduced themselves. They also shared a few things about Qatar Airways. We had the reach test and exam. The time came when the RO have to cut the number of applicants. They started calling the numbers of those who will proceed to the next stage. Sadly, I was one of the eliminated applicants. I think only 10 stayed for the next round (not sure though). Almost everyone went out of the room, I know it was a bad news but I didn't feel bad after all, really. I accepted it with grace.

It was another NO but I considered that as a YES because just when I was about to give up on Qatar Airways, there goes the chance of being included in the Assessment Day.I was still happy about what happened, at least there was a progress on my application. Maybe God's perfect time would be coming soon. God gave me another strand of hope, strength, and motivation. I said that it would be my last time attending QR's OD but I changed my mind, I'd be pursuing it until I get another call for the AD, until I made it to the FI, until I received the Congratulatory e-mail, until they sent me the Offer of Employment, until they let me know my DOJ, until I arrived in Doha, be part of AB Initio ### and as long as I wanted to fly, well, not unless there's another airline who would come and hire me. :) Sometimes, we don't know how the hands of God work. I know that this desire did not only come from me, I know this also came from God. He gave me this faith, confidence, optimism and determination to pursue my dream and I know He would make it come true, in His perfect time.



Kikay Morena on 2:47 PM said...

Very inspiring indeed sis! I super like this post. I really admire your persistence and faith Joanne!!! Kaya tayo magkapangalan!!! haha! :D

joannecams on 3:20 PM said...

Thank You so much sis! Hindi ako magiging determined kung hindi dahil kay God at sa mga sumusuporta sa akin :D

Mariel on 11:59 PM said...

Sis, kung ako ang QR, matagal na kita tinanggap. Hehe.. Pero seriously, you really deserve to be accepted.

Sana nagpost ka ng photo mo nung nagpunta kang OD. ;)

joannecams on 1:31 AM said...

Hi Mariel! Awww. Thanks sis! Sana sa next OD matawagan ulit ako at makapasok na all the way! :) I'll be posting the photo as soon as nasa akin na :) Thanks again sis!

Anonymous said...

hi! i think i've read almost half of your blog posts! i've learned so much! i've just recently started looking for FA work and your blog has been really helpful! now i know what i'll be facing :) i have a question tho, what agencies handle applications from FA's? i hope you can help me with this because i really don't have any idea and don't have any person i can ask aside from you. i don't know where to begin. thanks again! i admire your courage and resilience! i believe also that God has a beautiful, amazing, wonderful and great plan for all of us! god bless you!

joannecams on 8:30 AM said...

@Anonymous: I'm so sorry for the late response. First, thank you for reading my blog, the encouraging words and thanks for asking. I have a post re the agencies that handle FA openings, but I will post them here so you don't have to look for it coz I've posted about it a year ago already and I cannot remember the link anymore :P Anyhow, here are the names of the agencies:
Ipams - EK and QR
Transnational Resources - Asiana
LML - Royal Brunei
Mayon - Oman Air
Noupa Al Zaabi - Yemenia
Skills - Saudia

If you have questions, please feel free to send me an email:
joanne underscore camet at yahoo dot com


FA_biancqx on 7:28 PM said...

hi, there, its me biancqx, its my 1st time to send u a msg, i have attended ods @ diamond hotel for qr too, several times, :p hoping we could come together again, ods are coming up again, theres one in cebu and for sure meron ulet s mnla, shoot me ur no sa pex, or email me @, hoping to meet u soon & hopefully to fly w/ u soon sa QR :P

FA_biancqx on 7:29 PM said...

by d way lasallian din me ;P

FA_biancqx on 7:31 PM said...

sorry paisa isa comment ko now ko lng kc nbsa, about u s blog, mo, im also frm cvte, lasalle dasma nmn me ;P sna msg mo no mo skin... ill be waiting po ;P if i ge ur no, ill txt u tc God bless

joannecams on 8:23 PM said...

Hi Biancqx, ang dami nating something in common ah :) I'll email you my number :D

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