Thursday, January 06, 2011

Things I've Learned from Dr. Schuller

Months ago, I went to St. Jude with my friend, Jaymee. After the novena, we went to Quiapo and SM Manila while waiting for her class. A mall visit for me always includes going to a bookstore, sometimes, bookstores, whatever that certain mall has. We went inside Booksale. Some of my books were bought there. Reading doesn't have to be expensive, plus, I'm a person who will read anything as long as the book catches my interest. I saw the book entitled: Life's not Fair but God is Good. The title itself already caught my attention, it's priced at 75 Php. I was hesitant to buy the book at first because I found it quite expensive for a bum like me, but hours after my friend and I separated and after that one phone conversation with my friend Lars, I realized it wouldn't hurt my pocket so much. After all, it was hardbound and I could feel that I could find some of the answers I need from that book. It happened that I didn't have time to go back, so I just asked my friend to buy it for me and pay her when I get the book. The rest was history. The book was meant to be mine.

I started the year by reading the book. Now, I'm done reading. I've learned so many things, although some were not new to me, but at least, I know that I'm acting out right and I'm trying to believe right. I need to be inspired and motivated. I've found both by just reading 272 pages. As promised, I'm going to share some lines from the book that were really wonderful. I hope, you'll like them too:

  • from page 46-60: Five Self Esteem Boosters: 1. Give yourself a pat on the back; 2. Look at what you have left, don't look at what you've lost; 3. Re-evaluate your assets; 4. Pump up your possibility thinking; 5. Realign your attitudes
  • p.50: You can choose to be bitter. You can choose to be slide into a deep pit of self-pity, or you can choose to react positively.  You can look at this set-back as an opportunity for learning, for growth, painful as it may be. What happens to you is important, but it is not the end. 
  • p.56: Begin by believing in God.  Believe in His future for you. You can make it! God will give you the dream if you ask Him and He will provide the resources if you will look to Him. 
  • p.84: Life's not fair but God is good.  Life throws us a disappointment - and God responds by giving us encouragement.Everyone faces disappointments  at one time or another - but the winners are the ones who refuse to let the disappointments become discouragements. Success isn't a matter of being the best.  Success is a matter of handling the worst.  It is being able to deal constructively with life's disappointments.   
  • p.88: The NEXT TIME always motivated me to keep on trying.
  • p.92: Why Lord? No, don't ask why.  Ask how, O.K. how am I going to get through this?
  • p. 99: A plan gives direction.  A dream gives energy. 
  • p.174-176: When faced with a hopeless situation: Pray with honesty and trust in the Lord; Ask for help and understanding; Seek nurturing from your friends and loved ones, but not to the point that you will be a millstone around their necks ; Try to be optimistic; Remind yourself that God has given you a talent; Don't look back in anguish. You did the best you could under the circumstances you were given. 
  • p.252: Every trouble has vast built-in opportunities to grow, to learn, to serve, or to be cleansed.  Imagination can turn your bed into fruitful pasture. Your time of lying low can be your mourning of spiritual refreshment. 
  •  p.255: We learn courage when we face danger. We learn patience when we endure suffering. We learn tenderness when we taste pain. We discover true friendship when false ones forsake us. We learn to prize freedom when we are in danger of losing it. 
  • p.272: Life's not fair but God is good. Jesus Christ is proof enough of that. 

Those were just few lines from the book. There were a lot of lessons and quotable quotes. Dr. Schuller also included life stories of people and the lessons that those people had after facing their respective endeavors. I would recall one person, a Miss America winner. Just like Venus Raj, the crowd didn't love her the first time they saw her. It took her 7 years before she finally bagged the title of Ms. America.  The clue there would be determination - to win and make each try a better one. Personally, I've learned that sometimes, we don't get what we want on our first try, but a failure doesn't mean it would never be yours. You just need time to make things better, and time to work on it and put it in your hands. I wasn't accepted in my dream school the first time I tried, but I claimed it and promised myself that I'd get my degree earned from that school and it happened. Work and pray! Just like what I've learned at SSC: ORA ET LABORA, Prayer and Hardwork.
If you don't get in at first, it's okay. It's okay to grieve, it's okay to be frustrated but don't let all the negative things embrace you for so long. Believe that you're just in a big waiting room, and God still needs time to shape you and prepare you to be the person you've been dreaming of.



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