Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've kept mum about my plans recently. I felt like it's better if I just surprise everyone one day, but that's not the case for today. I know the week is just about to end but with how the past few days go, I can already say that there's a theme for this week.

I'm open about applying to other jobs while applying and waiting for my dream job as well. With regards to my dream job, I really don't care if I start here or be based abroad, I'm after the experience. After all, I can apply to my dream companies when I have a year of experience or so. Before that, I want to share that I recently applied with an Information Provider Company in McKinley. I will not say the name of the company as I don't want to have issues with that, although I have no bad words to say. I was actually impressed that they offer a shuttle ride for the applicants! That was my first time to experience that, and that was really good because it's hard to get there if you're not willing to take a cab. I applied for a transcriptionist/voice writer position, I've reached the final interview and was asked to wait for days or up to two weeks for the result. To make the story short, I received an email last Monday, stating that I didn't qualify for the position.

Come Tuesday, I was about to sleep and prepare for the next day's final interview (w/ a domestic airline) when I've thought of checking my email that I'm using when applying. I got an email from the Manila office of an International Airline, stating they received my application for the Passenger Services Agent position, responsibilities would include Reservations/Ticketing, and if I wanted to pursue my application then I have to send an essay about any topic. Of course I didn't start an essay right away as my mind was set for the next day's interview. I just thought that if ever I didn't make it through my airline application, I'll make the essay and pursue with my application.

Wednesday, the airline interview, woke up early, had my hair and make up done and asked my dad to bring me to Pasay. I was early and had some chats with the other girls. From my counting, we were 13 who made it to the second part. I thought the second part would already be the final part wherein we would be interviewed by the bosses but a group discussion took place and if you passed, then you'd be in for the super final interview.  Out of 13, 7 girls were asked to proceed to the next step, including me. I was surprised because I thought I won't make it anymore to the next step as I was on the second batch to be called. With the group discussion, it's like PAL's impact interview, minus the interactive part. From what I've observed, you should feel at ease with your co-applicants and with the interviewer. Just be true to yourself and don't be shy to say what you want to say. If you're nervous, then, just smile.  Don't hesitate to ask questions because it indicates that you're listening and participative.  From 7, I didn't make it through. AGAIN. That was the 4th time that I ever made into the final interview for different airlines. Almost doesn't count and it was really sad. Then again, it's about time to move on. I couldn't help to say SAYANG, the next steps after the final would be medicals and submission of other pre-employment requirements. Nevertheless, God didn't leave me empty handed, there's another International Airline that I couldn't hope for, although, the position was not the one that I really wanted, but I guess, I could make it as my starting point and my job while I'm applying to my dream job. I just have to look on the brighter side of things. I will never stop believing. I'll keep holding on to my dream and pray that one day, I'd make it through all the stages and requirements and eventually, FLY AWAY.



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