Thursday, January 13, 2011

At Random

I didn't notice that my last post was barely a week ago. Time never fails to fly so fast! How I wish, time would fleet to the time my parents or my mom would bring me to the Departure Area of NAIA Terminal 1. Must have been praying for the time I would fly for my dreams. *winks*

Anyway, the first two weeks of January was quite busy. I've been spending weekends with the choir, only to sing during the mass :) Speaking of choir, I heard there would be a lot of activities in store for us this year. The earliest concert would be this March, but I don't know if it would pursue since everything wasn't clear yet when we had our meeting. One more thing about this, I don't know if I could commit right away if ever there would be a fixed date for our concert since I'm still waiting for something (not my dream job, but something I know would benefit me while waiting for my dream). I hope by next week, I would know where to stand, so I could start writing my "to do list" on my planner.

Before I end this post, I would like to share a couple of dates for FA hopefuls, mark them on your calendar!

January 17 - Cebu Pacific (Manila Screening)
February 5 - Qatar Airways Open Day ( Manila Diamond Hotel)

Good luck ladies! :)



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