Friday, December 24, 2010

Pray, Eat, Enjoy

After weeks of planning, another get together with my former colleagues slash friends pursued. This time, we didn’t battle the scorching sun, the crowd on a Christmas rush and the hustle and bustle of the Manila. We embraced the Tagaytay breeze! In my previous post entitled: Approximately 23 Kilometers away from Home, my friend and I visited churches and other places from lunch time til 6 pm. Our recent trip to Tagaytay was longer because we started earlier. We still visited the places we’ve been to before and added other places that I think my friends would appreciate since I could say that I frequently visit Tagaytay since I’m from Cavite.
Anyway, let me share our Tagaytay moments with you readers. 

1. Pink Sisters 

There’s really something in this place that could entice visitors to pay a visit whenever they go to Tagaytay. Parking was unquestionable. The place provides enough parking space during ordinary days. They do not allow visitors to park inside the vicinity of the church during holy week. I do not know during Sundays when they have mass, probably, the parking space would be filled just like any other churches during Sundays.

2.       Our Lady of Lourdes

We were supposed to visit Angel Hills after praying at Pink Sisters, but the gate was closed so, minus one on our itinerary. We went straight to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. GMA’s Bantatay had one scene shot on this church. I was able to appreciate the church more last week, since it wasn’t crowded. 

 I noticed that it was spacious and they now have a small ‘chapel’ where you could light a candle and utter your prayers. 
What every candle color signifies

3.       Carlo’s Pizza

Time for lunch! There goes my word “supposedly” I planned to bring my friends to Piccolo Mondo, but, hola! It wasn’t there anymore! Sad. We decided to go to Carlo’s Pizza instead because we really wanted pizza and pasta for lunch. Even if we weren’t able to taste the “authentic” Italian pizza, we were happy at least, we were still able to eat pizza with a picturesque scene that our eyes could reach while eating.

The view from our table :)

4.       Tierra de Maria

From the very first time I’ve been to Tierra, I said to myself that I’d definitely come back. I didn’t fail myself. This time, my heart wasn’t broken by any circumstance that happened, my heart was stronger and I’m happier.  The only thing that would concern you was the parking space, it rained last week and the space where you could park was muddy, but there were vendors outside the place that could assist you, and in return, they would ask you to buy something from them. Hehe. 

group pic!

On my way out, I picked a small piece of paper that contains a bible scripture:

Knowing that whatever we may ask, He hears us, we know that we have already been granted what we asked of Him. – 1 Jn 5:15

The bible scripture made my trip more complete. A beautiful message indeed. I need that kind of encouragement. I’m still fighting for my dream, and I don’t when will I get to where I want to be, but I know God is with me and would always be. I wouldn’t have enough strength, courage and determination if God’s not at my side.

5.       Coffee time! Bag of Beans

It was my first time to get to BB! I even phoned my friend because I do not know where it was exactly located. It saves time when you know where you’re going, besides, I need to get home the soonest time possible because mom and dad needs to attend a Christmas party by then. This was located along the highway, passing by Casino Filipino, Taal Vista, Mendez Crossing, if you’re coming from Cavite. There was a big signage along the highway (right side), so you wouldn’t miss this. This would give you a new ambiance where you’re in a mood for a chit chat with friends over coffee. 

They have a small cabana, chairs under an umbrella and wooden chairs near the trees. They also serve, breakfast and lunch. Their coffee was cheaper than other coffee shops around the metro. Coffee starts at 95 pesos, served in a coffee cup. The most pricey drinks was at 135 pesos.

My white Mocha. Sweeter than Starbucks

Their YUMMeeY Blueberry Cheesecake, a must try! :)
6.       Mushroom Burger
Just a short stop. We just bought burgers. The price increased by 5 pesos! Their Pinoy Burger was only 25 pesos but last week, it was  +5 pesos. I bought home 2 burgers, not for myself, but for mi madre and mi padre.  The place was quite jam packed. Maybe, the Tagaytay visitors want to have a taste of burger not made from beef patty. :)

7. Summit Ridge

This was another short stop. We just bought pasalubong at Amira's. We waited for minutes before I was able to parked the car. We weren't able to look at the items sold at the on going Fiesta Bazaar.

Amira's, located at the 2/F of Summit Ridge
 Amira's tart was the best pasalubong! If you want a different pasalubong aside from the usual Buko Pie from Colette's, I advise you pass by Amira's. A box of tart costs 160 pesos, available in different flavors (buko, ube, mango/cheese, etc.). They also sell Ube-Halaya.

8. Cliffhouse

My friend and I wanted to eat Mochi but, FAIL! Because I was in a hurry. We just had our photos taken around the place and we just paid the 100 pesos parking fee. Btw, the fee would be waived if you present a receipt from any of the restaurant inside Cliffhouse.

with friends
rawr!! :)

Tagaytay: Eat, pray, rampah! The christmas edition :)



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