Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Cousin’s Wedding

Maybe you’ve read something like “My Sister’s Wedding”, “My Bestfriend’s Wedding” and the like. The title obviously gives you the idea that this is all about the wedding of one of my closest cousins. 
We used to play together when we're little kids.

She’s always present on my every birthday party.

When I turned 18, she’s part of my “18 candles”.

When I received my first award as a consistent dean’s lister at De La Salle University, she was there, sitting beside my mom at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium.

At times, she used to sleep at my bed. 

We both love clothes. Shoes. Bags.
Some said, we looked alike.
She was my companion when we were required to watch an indie film for my Film Criticism Class, and etc. 

Dec. 28, 2010

She walked down the aisle of St. Mary Magdalene Parish at Kawit, Cavite. I was her maid of honor.
They say, the maid of honor would either be the bride’s sister, or cousin; or probably the bride’s best friend; someone really close to the bride. I’m not my cousin’s bestfriend, but I could say that we’re really close.
When she entered the church, the singer started rendering her version of IKAW. I wanted to smile because I’m happy for her, but I don’t know and I couldn’t explain why I couldn’t smile the way I wanted to smile. Something put me close to tears especially when she reached the end of the “marching” part to be with the love of her life. 

Up to now, I still couldn’t believe how time flies. I know it would already be a cliché to say that “time is fleeting” or “time flies so fast” but that’s a reality. Time would come that one has to settle down and start building his or her own family. The priest, who officiated my cousin’s wedding was the same priest who gave me the blessing to be part of the Christian World (I was baptized Dec 25). I remembered father saying, 25 was a marriageable age, thus, it would be a “grand prize”, 25 was just fine, actually, it was my ideal age of settling down because I want to have kids when I’m still young, but as time passed, I know, it would be impossible for me. I’m 22 now, add 3 more years and I’m 25, and I think, by that time, I’m still enjoying things, hopefully, by that time, I’m already doing my dream job for years, travelling with family, friends, and etc. I’m not even dating at this point. I used to say that I’m ready for another relationship, but now, I don’t know, I really don’t know if I’m ready to even date someone. Relatives asked me if I already have a boyfriend, and I said, none, I don’t want one (at present). Right now, I'm contented with being single. Love will soon come, I know, and I'm sure, the time isn't now.

Being my cousin’s maid of honor was literally an honor for me. I was really excited when she said she’s having a church wedding and I’m her maid of honor. I even asked her opinion about the style of the gown that I’d be wearing on her big day. It’s a privilege to witness the bride, the groom and the principal sponsors, signing the marriage contract. 

Seeing my “ate” exchanging I do’s with “kuya” was like a dream. The idea that my cousin was now a “mrs” didn’t sink fast. I would remember, I blogged about her forthcoming wedding several months ago, and that time I was waiting for my final interview with a Middle East Company. I would clearly remember that I said, as much as I wanted to see my cousin walk down the aisle, I’m also wishing that I’d be training for my dream career or already doing my dream career. Maybe the Lord said, if I’d be hired, I wouldn’t be seeing my cousin walk down the aisle with her elegant yet inexpensive wedding gown as I might be wandering around the dessert or seeing the snow capped mountains of a European country. 

My cousin’s wedding was intimate, attended by relatives and friends closest to the bride and groom. I’m happy I was part of it. It’s true that everything happened for a reason, and maybe, my “ate’s” wedding was one reason why I’m still in the Philippines.

 Ate and Kuya, Congratulations! I'll share this on facebook when you get back. I know you'll bear in mind that God should be the center of your relationship and live through it.



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