Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Random Blahs

Here I go again after several days! :) I haven't been posting any fa/cabin crew openings recently but I hope flight attendant/cabin crew wannabes are updated. Anyway, I'll post things at random to make this entry with less words but easy to understand, creating a quick update will be good, I guess :)

1. December 4, 2010, Saturday,Dinner with high school friends at Chili's-Greenbelt 5 + Surprise moment for Jaymee
In all honesty, I rarely go out at nights. I'm more of a morning person. When the sun is up, I'm all hyped up. When the moon starts to take its place, I'm starting to get sleepy and all. This is not easy for a diet conscious person like me. Gaining weight is more likely when I eat after 6 PM, considering the calories and the fats I could get when I eat on a restaurant; but since I don't want to spoil the moment I have with my friends whom I haven't seen for several months, (gawd, the last time I saw them was during their surprise birthday thingy for me and for my two other friends) I declared that night a "cheat day".

chicken crispers could never be guilt-free
with friends
Happy Birthday Jaymee! :)
  2. I've been going out more often, either with my family or just me alone. Since it's the time of the year, when good friends are dear and because of the forthcoming wedding of my cousin, we visit the malls to buy gifts and Baclaran to spot for a barong that my brother needs to wear. Having some "me" time is still enjoying. I like it when I drive myself to go to the mall and pay for my bills, buy or do something else, etc. I'll enjoy this thing called "singleness" while it lasts, because it's a blessing (according to Joshua Harris)!

3. I've thought of joining a church choir several years ago and everytime there's an announcement regarding an audition of a certain choir group, I'm starting to be interested but ended up not pursuing it. I thought I will never have the guts to try, but the planning stage is history now. I auditioned and now I am part of the oldest choir in our parish. I just hope "time management" will be in my vocabulary so I can juggle time from being a choir member to a dreaming individual :))



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