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2010: Chasing.Fighting.Surviving.

Last year, I started doing a review for all the things that happened to me. I also included the things I learned and the things I want to live through for the coming years. It helps to write a review because you’ll have a thorough glance of how well you did this year or how stronger you became after battling all the tough challenges you could ever imagined in your life. If FAITH is my friend’s word for 2010, it will be DETERMINATION for me.

You all know the main reason why I resigned from my previous work and why I’m still unemployed up to this very moment. I thought I’ll make it this year especially when I reached the final interview of two International Airlines. Then again, “almost doesn’t count” happen, I’m yet to know the reason why and only time can reveal the reasons for my every failure. I know I am trying my best, and I am trying everything I can to make everything happen, but James Ingram can be right, the best may not be enough sometimes. This 2010, I felt I’m left behind. While most of my friends are happy with their work, doing what they want, I’m living my life as a bum. It’s disappointing. I asked myself, “Is this the price of graduating with flying colors?” You earned the grades you wanted but you can’t get what you want to do. Thus, I realized, grades do not really matter, those are just numbers.
I tried applying for a temporary job, but mind you, there’s a HUGE difference between going to the agencies/companies applying for my dream career and companies applying for a temporary job. Most of the time, I ended up not showing up for the interview (temporary job) plus, it also happens that I’m not available, but whenever I am called for the second screening and final interview, I’m always up for it and I’m always blocking off my schedule to attend that interview.

I am doing everything I can to make things happen, I enrolled myself in a swimming class during summer; took up an English Proficiency Course for the sake of having a certificate which I thought I needed to submit; consulted a dermatologist and undergone a procedure which is not yet done up to this point. I can’t and won’t give up right now. Giving up is not in my vocabulary. I am a person who will do whatever it takes to make everything happen. Although I will admit, sometimes, I want to give up because I felt like is this really for me? But if it’s not I still want to make this mine, accompanied by prayer.

This 2010, I devoted most of my Wednesdays and Thursdays attending the novena for Mother of Perpetual Help and St. Jude respectively (although I’m really a devotee of Mother of Perpetual Help since I’m 14). I have finished, I think more or less 3 novenas (9 Wednesdays each) for our Mother of Perpetual Help, but I guess, this is not yet the right time for me to get my ultimate dream.

In this phase of my life, these are the things I learned:

1. There’s always a right time for everything, I would remember Ms. Elma Muros said in one of her interviews “Kung hindi talaga para sa iyo, hindi talaga ibibigay sa iyo kahit hawak mo na”. I realized, maybe, this year is not just mine and God knows I still need to learn something or do something before He gives me what I need and what I want.

2. Stand up after a failure. I know this is a cliché. Failure is inevitable and I always say that. Life is not smooth sailing, it is always a bumpy road, and we need to accept that. Do something out of that failure, learn from it and never think you’re not good enough.

3. Hard work will pay off soon. Patience and determination are the keys to make everything happen and to surpass every challenge.

4. Being true to yourself can help you realize what you really wanted in life. In this kind of outlook, you will know your goals in life that will eventually lead you to genuine happiness. I believe every person has a dream, although sometimes, it takes time before one realizes what he or she wants to be. Not knowing what you want is a bummer. Not doing anything for what you want, not even a single effort is just the same as joining a game but not doing anything to win it. Why join the game in the first place right? I’ve encountered people whom I think pretends to be happy and contented even when they are not. Niloloko mo kasi ang sarili mo kapag ganoon, reklamo ka ng reklamo but you are not doing even a minute effort para mabago mo ang ayaw mo ng maranasan.

I welcomed 2010 with sparkling hope. I really thought it’s going to be MY YEAR, but it turned out the other way around. It may not be a good year for me, but I still have to be thankful, at least, I survived the year with FAITH, OPTIMISM, STRENGTH, LOVE, and HOPE for a fruitful life (for the coming years).

I am grateful for the people who never left me and supported me all the way. I am thankful for my family, friends. I am thankful that I have this kind of FAITH. If not for my FAITH in God, I will never be this determined to reach my goals, strive harder, and remain standing amidst everything that happened.

Here, I learned:

1. To look at the brighter side of things. OPTIMISM. The sun shines, the sun sets; the rain comes and the rain ends. Fractions with different denominators can still be added as every problem has a solution.

2. To never stop praying. In everything that happened to me, may it be good or bad, I know, I have to be thankful that God is there for all my ups and downs. God makes me feel that His hands will always work. Through my downs, He will lift me up and grant me enough courage to stand up and face another day. Prayer works. Prayer is and will always be the best medicine. It will be your best weapon in every endeavor you have to face.

3. To be appreciative of every single blessing. The simplest blessing comes from God and I know His hands work even in the simplest gesture. Sa mga panahong walang wala ka, you will know how to appreciate and be thankful for that.

4. To be practical. This year, I learned how to manage my expenses more than I ever did when I’m still working. Before anything else, spend on the things you need before spending on the things you want.

On a lighter note, this 2010, I realized that:
1. It’s never too late to love reading. Now, I am into reading books. I have a wishlist and it goes on and on everytime I go to the bookstore to check out titles.

2. I am a self confessed make up lover. No need to elaborate on that.

3. It’s never too late to join the Choir. I am now a member of the oldest choir in our parish. It is not easy as I thought it would be. I just hope I can manage my time between being a singer for God and as the same old individual.

Today’s the last day of the year. In a few hours, we’ll be welcoming another year. Let’s not forget to pray and give thanks for both 2010 and 2011. I want to say Happy New Year Everyone. Thank you for reading and following this blog. Thank you for all the encouragement, good comments, etc. Again, Happy New Year. I hope you will not get tired of reading my every entry. SMILE!



Dave Cordero on 1:59 AM said...


Sometimes, things really happen even if they're not meant to be. Surely, God intended for them to happen because He wants us to learn something. And gladly, we really learned from them. :)

I believe we all just have different fate in this life. A lot of things happened in the lives of each one of us. You'll really find yourself asking "who would have thought?" But let's just both stay put. From what I've experienced and continuously shared to everyone, God has a plan for each one of us. And surely, whatever frustrations you encountered in 2010 were all part of His master plan for you.

At least now I for one can say we've come a long way after all the ups and downs we've triumphed from 2009 to 2010.

I guess we really have to be DETERMINED in CHASING our dreams, in FIGHTING for them, for us to SURVIVE this life with smiles in our face.

Like you, like everyone, I am also hopeful this 2011. Hopefully, we'll all be ok...everything will be know, after reading this and also when i woke up this morning, i've been missing 2007. remember our glory days? all the laughter, the smiles... i swear it's one of the good years! I hope 2011 will also be like that...

Let's both hold on to our faiths because I know that the right time will come and God will surely grant the desires of our hearts. All we need is tremendous amount of patience, trust in Him, abundance of prayer, and lots and lots of DETERMINATION.

Let's be positive and cheer up! :D

joannecams on 6:57 PM said...

Dear Sister, thank you so much for your comment.
I'm currently reading a book entitled: Life's not fair but God is good. Maraming mga quotable quotes, maraming bagay sa atin. Meron dun na sinabi ng author, ang pagiging successful daw ay madedetermine mo sa kung paano nalampasan ng mga tao yung mga challenges niya sa buhay, yung mga downtime niya, things and events like those. Sabi niya pa
"Postive thinkers don't always win. They don't always bring home the medals. Sometimes they don't even make it to the final round. That's one realities of positive thinking. "
Let's think na we're just on a big waiting room, kung nasaan man tayo ngayon, meaning, hindi naman tayo forever nasa waiting room. I can really feel sister na whatever we are destined to be ay hindi pa natin naaabot, maybe because we need to learn something pa or we need to experience something para maging handa tayo sa kung ano man yung itinakda for us. I'm always praying for us sister na sana little by little, matupad natin yung gusto natin sa buhay.

I'm missing our glory days sister, 2007 di pa ako ganun ka swerte kasi may term na bumaba yung gpa ko, pero, 2008? no doubt na it was our year! Sana maulit ulit yon na parang tipong lahat ng dasalin natin sinasagot. I know, it will come AGAIN.

J.V on 8:06 PM said...

Hi,I stumbled upon your blog when I googled something (that I now forgot) lol..however your story was totally like my situation at the moment, I'm also struggling with finding job after college. i also have graduated with flying colors but I feel what u're feeling about 'grades do not matter'
Thank you for the encouraging post.
God Bless You :)

joannecams on 11:25 AM said...

Hi J.V.
Thank you so much for saying that my post is encouraging :)
One day, we'll reach our destiny, and when that time comes, we'll appreciate it more. God bless you too! :)

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