Saturday, November 06, 2010

Whiter Teeth

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Crest Whitening Strips! The brand has been out of the market for so long. I've been reading good reviews about the product and it seems like it has been effective to everyone, and yes, count me in. What's also good with Crest is it's money back guaranteed, say, if you're not satisfied with the results, you can call inform them about that and they're going to send your money back (as written on the product's box).

Since I can't find Crest Whitening Strips here in the Philippines, I asked my mom if we can just ask someone from the U.S. to buy for us. It so happened that mom's cousin will be sending some stuff for our relatives so we took the chance to ask for a favor, and we're happy mom's cousin was generous enough to include the strips :)

Aside from the strips, mom's cousin also included the toothpaste that comes with a gel aside from the normal paste.

THUMBS UP (strips):
  • I feel more refreshed after using the strips
  • Started seeing results after a few days
  • My teeth are less yellowish now
  • Didn't make my teeth sensitive

  • Can't easily be purchased locally or more so, not available locally 
  • Lower strips will not stay on your teeth for 30 minutes if you will not keep your mouth dry

*Crest Whitening strips are also available in Advanced and Professional*
*Products reviewed based from my experience*


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