Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thursday Find

I went to Mall of Asia (MOA) with my parents last Thursday. My brothers were on a field trip and a MOA lunch/tour was included in their itinerary so the first and original plan was to check my brothers. We left Cavite by 11:30. I paid my credit card bill first before heading straight to MOA. We managed to get to MOA before 1 P.M. No traffic along Aguinaldo Highway and this was unusual! *evil grin*

When we got to MOA mom had been sending messages to my brothers' classmate but, no answer, so my parents and I ended up just strolling around.

I could smell Christmas around the corner and I could actually feel it this year. :) Maybe because I was excited about things and inspired about everything. Thank God for this kind of outlook! :) Anyway, let me share some photos that spell C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S:

The THREEattraction :)
Christmas House. People can't get enough to strike a pose there. Shall try when I get back :)

I loved the clothes and shoes I saw while I was on a stroll with mom! I shall return to MOA before Christmas! :)) And I shall buy shorts, hehe, for a change in my closet. I haven't bought clothes for a while now.

I went home with this:
Brown sandals with heels :)
I adore flats for two reasons: more comfortable and I need something that will make my height as is, hehe. This time, I've felt I needed change somehow. Heels would be good to wear too! :)

When worn :P

Can't wait to wear the brown pair and stand tall! :)



the solar flare on 10:23 PM said...

Beautifull post! I’m new on blogger and your blog is awesome!! If you want to follow me I’ll follow you back :D xoxo

jO_AnNe on 9:47 AM said...

Thank You :) I visited your blog already. Will follow you. You have nice photos on your site!

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