Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Second Time Around

Last Saturday, our second Binondo (food trip) visit pushed through! 

My friend had been inviting our other old colleagues to come with us but some were not available last Weekend, some, have personal reasons. We pursued the food trip even if we’re only three. It would always be the experience that counts, and, the quality could never be measured by the number of people who made up the trip. I always believe in quality over quantity :) 

We were supposed to meet at Mc Donald’s Binondo by 11 am but I went out of the house at 10:30 so I advised them that I’d be late. It so happened that my friend had to go back to their house because she forgot to bring the “puto-Marikina” we asked her. When I was in Quirino cor. Taft Avenue, they sent me a message telling they were still on a bus at Legarda and will be hailing a jeepney at Philippine Normal University (PNU), so I said I’d be waiting for them at PNU.

I arrived first but didn’t take so much waiting for my two friends. By 12 noon, we were Binondo-bound. Traffic was really evident just after passing Park&Ride. It was not unusual. It’s actually a normal situation at Binondo during weekends plus, everyone seemed to be going to Divisoria for their respective Christmas shopping. 

We were really hungry so we decided to go to SINCERITY first before going elsewhere. We loved and we missed their fried chicken. If you’re planning to go to Binondo, I would suggest you visit Sincerity (located at Yuchengco St.; to go there, you could pass by Carvajal St., when you reached the end, turn right and just walk straight and keep right )  Half chicken costs 150 Php; while the whole Chicken costs 300 Php. You’d definitely love their chicken, if you’re looking for a different taste, this would be the one!

Second stop: Dong Bei Dumplings (Yuchengco St. Cor Tytana)
From Sincerity,we just walked straight passing by Chuang Kee and a school ( I think that was Lorenzo Ruiz Academy).

The glass with Chinese Characters plus the ladies creating something would be your mark, plus, they have a signage big enough to see their name and for them to be located. Funny thing because at first, we were a bit hesitant to come inside as we saw a lady dumpling maker in front of the restaurant. After a few seconds of figuring out if we're entering the right door, we decided to enter as we didn't see any other doors of the restaurant. 

If this was the only menu, we would be staring at this the whole day :))
The menu given to us :)

We ordered:

Tofu, 150 Php

Dumpling (vegetarian stuffing), 80 Php

The Tofu had a stuffing too! I think the vegetable stuffing on the dumpling was also the stuffing on the Tofu.

After our Dong Bei Dumplings moment, we just walked around because we were so full. We were supposed to stop at Binondo Church to utter our prayers but there was an ongoing wedding so we just went to Eng Bee Tin instead, buy our pasalubongs then rode a jeep going to Taft.

The minutes we spent on the jeepney going to Taft seemed very long and exhausting. The jeepney ride turned out to be a roller coaster ride. I spent my college years in Taft but I never rode with a driver who drove like crazy!

At Taft, we went to Flaming Wings. We need sugar rush because we lost our energy on our jeepney ride. :P
We ordered Wicked Oreo to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Deep Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream

Sweet craving at 75 Php
Another must try! I totally forgot about my diet. I may never get to try this when I get to work again :))
Yummy dessert on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Manila. 

We didn't stay long at Flaming wings. After we finished our respective plates, we went to Noriter located along Estrada St. It was my second time at Noriter. Since it was a Saturday, the place was not jam packed. You could easily find a seat and you're more free to take pictures of the Coffee Prince-ish place.

Sharing a slice of Sansrival with friends (90 Php/slice)

Goofing around with Lars and Geli
 More Noriter photos:

By 6 pm, we left Taft. By 9:00 I'm at home, after the 1 hour waiting at the bus terminal and the almost 2 hour ride going back home to Cavite.

Expenses for the Day (food):

Sincerity ( All expenses paid, but if not) : 150 (chicken) / 3 = 50
                                                               drinks =  35

Dong Bei Dumplings:   Dumplings = 80
                                   Tofu  = 150
                                                 230 / 3 = 76.67 

Flaming Wings: 75
Noriter: 90 (slice) / 3 = 30

Total: 85+76.67+75+30 =  266.67 



ging said...

love your food trip! ayan i wanna go to binondo na ;) katuwa kayo ;)

jO_AnNe on 9:14 AM said...

Thank You :) Punta ka on a weekday! :)

Joice on 9:54 PM said...

ahhhm the fried oreo surely got me intrigued and drooling at the same time! thanks for visiting jo_anne:) i'm joice anne. hehehe:)


jO_AnNe on 9:08 AM said...

Thanks for visiting too Joice :), and, thanks for the comment. Wicked Oreo is a must try ;)

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