Thursday, November 11, 2010


Good morning world (MNL time)!
I am creating this post to all flight attendant/cabin crew hopefuls who will be attending the Qatar Airways Open Day (QR OD) at the Manila Diamond Hotel.

Only two days left! Done with your preparations? How about the things that you need to submit -from the CV to your passport size photos, are they complete by now?

I am letting this big event pass by me now, only now, only this time (I am speaking of QR OD only).
In my little way, I just want to give some tips, and I am speaking based from my experience. If only I am a cabin crew by now, I think I can give more helpful tips, but since I am still a hopeful, what I can give are basic tips.


  • Prepare your requirements1. Curriculum Vitae 2. 4R photo (whole body in Sky Blue Background) 3. Passport size PHOTO in Sky Blue Background ( I am emphasizing the word photo, no need for your actual passport, the recruitment officers will not ask you to show that to him/her)
  • Be in proper ATTIRE.  The Open Day is described as non-interactive as you will just be submitting your requirements, but the recruiter will still throw you a question or questions if he/she likes. You may think it is okay to come in wearing jeans, but that may blew your chances of getting the much awaited call (to come in for the 2nd day) at the end of the day
WOMEN: Knee length skirt, Coat/Corporate Blazer, Inner blouse (the one that looks corporate), closed shoes (wear a pair that is most comfortable to you; I suggest one that isn’t too high because if you arrived with a queue already, you will easily get tired, skintone stockings (optional). Doll up yourself! Be in full make up. Put your hair in a bun or in any way, as long as your hair is pulled away from your face. Clip your bangs.

MEN: Slacks, Corporate Blazer/Coat, Inner Polo, Tie, Closed Shoes

  • Advertisements say that the schedule is 9:00-12:00 (morning til noon) . Although it says 9 am, come early. I suggest you come in between 7:00 am-7:30 am. No lines yet by that time. You can still find a seat (anywhere you want) inside the ballroom and that gives you more time to prepare yourself (make-up retouch, etc.) and utter your prayers.
  • Be natural. Do not be intimidated by other people. Remember that each one is different, each one is unique. Remember that you do not need to look like a celebrity or a beauty queen with this kind of event, you can stand out with your simplicity. If the recruiter likes you and if it’s really your time, everything will fall into place.
  • Be confident. Leave your worries behind. Leave your personal problems at home. 
  • Be friendly. It's okay to talk with the person beside you or behind you. It can help you gain more confidence and it can help you forget the nervousness you're feeling. 
  • SMILE.
I hope I have given helpful tips. These are the things I know I can impart. I am yet to know what other things I can do or exude to get my dream job, I’ll be very much willing to share them when I already know them by heart.

Good luck everyone!



prince_devy on 7:53 PM said...

siyempre kami super daldalan!! hahaha.. ingay namin to the max! :D

jO_AnNe on 9:34 PM said...
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jO_AnNe on 9:35 PM said...

Hahahaha. Malamang kung kasama niyo ko kasama rin ako sa ingay! :P

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